Deliveroo pizza delivery giveaway causes social media storm

Time Out has the best reaction as the Deliveroo pizza delivery giveaway causes social media storm. See Twitter from happy and angry Dubai residents

The Delieveroo Dhs1 Pizza Fest sent Dubai's social media into meltdown on Thursday as the haves and the have nots either crowed or complanied about their experience.

For those who missed the storm, the delivery specialists announced earlier in the week that 1000 pizzas from select stores across the city would be sold for just Dhs1. Running for a limited time (11am-2pm), friends and colleagues across the emirate wondered how they might be able to be one of the lucky lot.

And when it came to the crunch, it seemed the goalposts where moved.

When Time Out tried to log in (admittedly at 10.58am) and get some of sweet cheese and tomato goodness, we discovered no restaurants delivered to our office in Media City. Come 11am, and after a series of refreshes, finally Freedom Pizza was listed. By 11.10am, 800 Pizza were also on the list.

But that was just the start. Many complained that web pages weren't loading, that charges were being made against credit cards without orders being confirmed, and in one instance a restaurant wasn't even open until after 1pm.

By 11.45am, such was the discussion around the city, that Deliveroo released a statement explaining: "The Deliveroo Dhs1 pizza offer is experiencing extremely high demand therefore certain restaurants have temporarily paused and will be reopening every ten minutes to accept new orders until the offer ends at 2pm."

Check out the rest of the feedback online.








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