Nearly half of all Dubai shawarma stands will close

Time Out has details as it’s announced that nearly half of all Dubai shawarma stands will close after not passing hygiene and safety regulations

Shawarmagate has hit Dubai!

Grabbing a traditional Arabian wrap is set to get a lot harder in the emirate after 47 per cent of Dubai’s shawarma outlets were told they could no longer cook up and sell the meat-based wraps.

That doesn’t seem to mean that the whole food outlets will necessarily close altogether, it’s just the problematic shawarma stations in question that can no longer be used.

Why? Well, health and safety is at the heart of the issue.

572 small and medium food outlets selling shawarma across Dubai were given a six-month deadline to ‘clean up their act’ (quite literally) back in May.

That meant ensuring the proper refrigeration and separation of ingredients, hygienic waste disposal, clean cooking utensils, the kind of basic steps needed to prevent customers from getting ‘Dubai belly’ (not that that is actually a widespread stomach problem here!).

By November 1, a total of 146 food outlets (a quarter) had implemented Dubai’s municipality’s regulation, 172 (30.07 per cent) had or were still in the process of completing the work, 141 (just under a quarter) didn’t take any action at all and 113 (19.75 per cent) just stopped cooking shawarma all together.

So there you have it, next time you grab a shawarma in the city, you’ll be able to enjoy its delicious taste with the peace of mind that there won’t be any unexpected belly surprises a few hours down the line!

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