New French burger joint Big Fernand at Outlet Village

Time Out has information, pictures and video of the new French burger joint Big Fernand at Outlet Village

New French burger joint Big Fernand at Outlet Village

Ah, that love-hate relationship between the French and the Americans.

It runs so deep that they’ve even had a food war (remember when the US started calling chips freedom fries in response to France's opposition to the invasion of Iraq?).

Truth is they both secretly respect each other a lot more than they’d like to have us believe, even when it comes to their respective cuisines.

And what happens when you put the two together? You get a smashing gourmet fast-food 'amburger joint like Big Fernand.

The first Dubai branch opened just a few weeks ago at the Outlet Village and it’s already causing a sizzle around town.

As they describe on their websites “Burgers are cooked as you want, from blue to well-done, and served with a selection of French cheeses and homemade sauces in a delicious bun – all with a side helping of hand-cut French fries from potatoes peeled and sliced at the restaurant each morning!”

In fact, there are 3840 possible combinations, with ingredients ranging from Tomme de Savoi cheese, sundried tomatoes, homemade cocktail sauce tarragon, grilled peppers, French raw milk cheese, Angus beef… the list as you probably guessed already just keeps going on!

Proof of just how good these hamburgers must be is the fact that in just four years a small Parisian burger joint has multiplied by 25, with Big Fernands all across France, London, Hong Kong and now Dubai.

In fact two more outlets are set to open at City Walk and Dubai Festival City Walk soon.

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