Mexican wrestling theme restaurant opens in Dubai

Funky eatery Luchador opens on 11th floor of Aloft Palm Jumeirah

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We all love a bit of Lucha Libre, right? Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you’d instantly recognise the crazy masks.

Lucha Libre, AKA Mexican wrestling, has now arrived (sort of) on the Palm, with the opening of brand-new restaurant Luchador at new hotel Aloft Palm Jumeirah – and it looks mega.

The restaurant lays claim to being an “authentic Mexican roof cantina and lounge”, drawing inspiration from the country’s most famous sport. The setting, menu and entertainment have all apparently been designed to represent the energy of the sport, so we’re hoping to find a wrestling ring in the middle of the restaurant and some screaming Mexicans.

“Luchador celebrates the Mexican way of life, blending incredible food, drinks and entertainment with a strong social scene in an impressive location,” says general manager Max Wiegerinck. “We want our guests to feel at home, dance, live, laugh out loud…”

Expect walls adorned with classic wrestling masks, Aztec motifs and a range of decorations inspired from the region.

Of course, the food is what we’re all interested in, and there are some interesting looking menu options, to go alongside the classic Mexican street food vibe. You’ll obviously find a range of guacamole, ceviches and tacos (including a salmon guacamole, about which we’re intrigued), but there are also a couple of interesting main dishes including the ensalada tropical – a ponzu, quinoa, citrus fruit and cheese salad. There’s also the pulpo en su tinta – octopus with red grape, squid ink, rice, banana chips and avocado purée.

We can’t wait to check out this funky new spot, and the photos above look like it’s well worth a visit.
Open Mon-Thu 5pm-2am, Fri-Sat 1pm-2am. Aloft Palm Jumeirah (04 247 5550).

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