JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan

The eatery is set to open in mid-August

JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan
JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan Image #2
JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan Image #3
JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan Image #4
JLT to get brand-new ‘walk-in ramen bar’ Daikan Image #5

There are few things better than slurping up Japanese-style noodles in a delicious broth, and this new restaurant in JLT is keen on delivering just that.

Brand-new ramen bar Daikan Ramen UAE will be opening its doors in the middle of August, according to the team behind it.

The venue will adopt a “walk-in ramen bar”-style concept, focusing on serving various versions of the authentic dish, including chicken paitan ramen.

The restaurant will also offer “tapas-style shareables”, which include beef ribs, chicken wings, sashimi, fried dumplings and more.

A video on its page shows just how fast the staff whip up each bowl of ramen, meaning customers will hopefully be able to chow down in no time. Sounds like an ideal lunch break to us.

Judging by the pictures we’ve seen online, the noodles will be served in traditional style, with a wooden ladle, chopsticks and, of course, a massive bowl to hold all the different ingredients. The bigger the better, please.

In the meantime, Wagamama is a Dubai favourite for fresh, functional dishes. And it opened a new outlet earlier this year in The Dubai Mall.

On a Japanese eating spree? Head towards Business Bay and try out the funky and fun Izakaya, serving everything from skewers and sushi to tuna tataki and tempura.

Or if you’re more in the mood for sushi, Miss Tess has recently launched an unlimited sushi offer, dishing up three hours of all-you-can-eat sashimi, maki and nigiri.

Stay tuned for more news about the latest ramen bar with Time Out Dubai.
Due to open mid-Aug. Lakeshore Tower 1, JLT, www.instagram.com/dkndubai.

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