JLT restaurant hosts an Indian Street Food Festival

Chandini Chowk is serving up dishes from the streets of Delhi

JLT restaurant hosts an Indian Street Food Festival

When we hear some authentic food from the streets of Delhi are up for grabs, we’re all ears.

Until Sunday July 29, Indian restaurant Chandini Chowk will be hosting a daily food festival, filled with the country’s signature delights.

From 5pm until 11pm, foodies can enjoy everything from chicken kebabs to dosa, along with dessert offerings such as gulab jamun, tilla kulfi, and much more.

What’s more, the food will be served from authentic food vendors, with a golgappa stall offering crunchy balls of authentic Indian flavours, and the “banta man” serving, well, Indian banta (a popular Indian soft drink, in case you’re not sure).

Taking place at One Lake Plaza, guests can sit in the cool indoors or dine al fresco.

If you want to get yourself a seat, be sure to fill out the restaurant’s online form here so they can save one for you.

Chandini Chowk in JLT is named after the one of the oldest and busiest markets in Delhi, so it makes sense that it is putting on a traditional food festival.

We’ll be the ones munching a mountain of chaat.
Prices vary. Until Jul 29. Open 5pm-11pm. Cluster T, JLT, www.chandinichowk.com (04 427 9500).

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