Bohemian-style restaurant on the JBR Walk

A two-floored venue beneath one of the identikit skyscraper’s bridge walkways, it catches attention with its floral, multi-coloured décor. The menu opens with a page explaining the owner’s bohemian inspiration (Stephan’s first ambition has always been to be happy), which involved travelling the world and learning that ‘Freedom is an unspoken mantra’. It then follows with breakfast, appetisers, soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, mains such as grilled salmon and beef stroganoff Bo House pot, homemade gelato and cakes, as well as shakes, ‘fizzlers’ (carbonated fruit juices) and ice teas. On arrival dishes are zesty, and generous, and service is swift and efficient, if not overly friendly. We love the black-and-white films shown on screens outside, as well as the noticeboard with details of the BoHouse book club and similar ventures: in its aim to add a little creativity to its locale, it’s a café after our own heart.


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