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Make no mistake, this French restaurant is extravagant. With grand, regal seats in royal blue and chandeliers throughout the sprawling, crisp white dining room, decadence is on show here. But it’s also super-cool with a fun vibe and buzzing atmosphere.

It brings a sense of dining in the south of France and a chilled-out, leisurely Mediterranean ambience that makes a meal here an excellent choice.

Not least because the food is top-notch, too. Fresh, seasonal ingredients directly from the Mediterranean are used to create some of the best dishes that French cooking is famous for. The restaurant’s signatures include escargots à l’ail – Burgundy snails with cured meat, garlic butter and smoked mashed potatoes, plus shards of flatbread with which to scoop it all up. If you’ve never had this French classic before, Bistrot Bagatelle is the place to try it.

Meat-lovers will want to dive into such Gallic staples as tartare de boeuf, starring hand-cut cured beef tenderloin, with capers, cornichons, truffle and pecorino. It’s a real treat as a precursor to the signature poulet rôti entire à la truffle – that’s a whole, truffled roasted chicken with baby potatoes and chicken jus. A carnivore’s dream. If you love seafood, don’t miss the lobster linguine, it’s a delightful pan of al dente pasta, a whole lobster and a silky tomato sauce that’s perfect sharing date-night food. Staff are super friendly and helpful, too.

Don’t arrive too early, as it will be super quiet, but head here later and the restaurant’s vibe picks up, with almost a club-like atmosphere – pumping music and dim lighting.

For a sophisticated meal in high-end, but unstuffy setting, get yourselves here pronto.

The bottom line
Super-cool spot with excellent food and a great vibe for a late evening dinner.

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This swanky Asian, set high on the 36th floor of The H Dubai, is the ideal place for a fun, swish night out. As soon as you enter you’ll be wowed by the sparkling vistas out from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the classy, low-key vibe.

The signature dishes here should not be missed. The cuisine is “Mediterrasian”, a blend of light, fresh Mediterranean flavours with the bold, powerful tastes of Asia, and the kitchen does this tremendously.

PLAY’s Pita Surprise – baked crispy pita bread filled with wagyu beef and truffle paste, a Time Out Dubai favourite – is a simply stunning dish. Unique, fun and wonderfully indulgent, the crisp crunch of the casing houses a marvellously creamy, smooth filling. The sushi and sashimi are also delightful, fresh and tasty, too.

Main dishes range from entrecôte with café de PLAY butter – a tender cut of meat enhanced by that unique, tasty spread – grilled sea bass and black cod to oven-baked marinated saffron chicken. However, the spaghetti carbonara with veal pancetta made tableside in a giant Parmesan wheel is a showstopper. Not strictly Asian, it’s a dish served with flair and fun, and encapsulates what’s PLAY is all about.

Sit back and take in the ambiance, and don’t arrive too early – this place ramps up later in the evening. Book later to enjoy the top atmosphere alongside those views and that food.

The bottom line:
Creative dishes and striking views

+971 4 384 8484 World Trade Center Area

Stylish Chinese lattice, low mood lighting and sleek wooden furniture set the scene on arrival at Hakkasan, in the iconic Emirates Towers.

The restaurant is candlelit, the gleaming bar is vast and impressive and the feel is cosy and authentic. Hakkasan offers fine dining at its fanciest, and the contemporary Cantonese menu is top notch. The three-time Best Chinese Time Out winner is still a benchmark against which most of its city counterparts can be judged.

Prepare to be bowled over by the roast chicken in satay sauce, which is served in a crispy skin swimming in a thick and flavoursome peanut curry. The stir-fried duck breast with dried chilli and Szechuan peppercorn is bursting with tantalising flavour and the crispy duck rolls are dangerously moreish.
We also recommend trying the dim sum, which is as fresh and juicy as we’ve known it in the entire city and will leave you clamouring for more.

Service, as you might expect, is also flawless, and waiters are efficient and professional.

All of the aforementioned niceties, however, do come at a price, and although you’ll leave thoroughly impressed, your wallets will be considerably lighter. Nevertheless, Hakkasan is stunning overall, and well worth visiting for a truly special occasion.

+971 4 308 0440 World Trade Center Area

If you are yet to visit Trèsind yet then you need to book a table right now. Taking home the gong in this category for the second consecutive year, this really is the best of the best when it comes to Indian dining in Dubai.

From start to finish the experience is surreal, inventive and interactive. The journey starts with a vase of dry ice on the table, setting an air of mystery and drama.

Most of the dishes here are cooked at your table by specialised chefs who talk you through the recipes and explain all the different ingredients used. With an extensive history behind the regions products come from, it’s quite the geography lesson, too.

It’s hard not to be nosy here as you’ll be looking at the table next to you to see what their chef is cooking, After you’ve been wowed by the showmanship, it’s time to be amazed by the taste. Everything is presented in the most impressive way. From pancakes hanging on what we can only assume is a washing line strung up over fake grass to amuse bouches on miniature tables, there’s no end to the creativity displayed here.

With dishes that look like works of art and taste delicious Trèsind wows in every way possible.

The bottom line
Don't miss this stunning Indian restaurant


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