Restaurants in Dubai With facilities like Open for breakfast

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Garhoud Road
Sheikh Zayed Road
Curry Leaf
Sri Lankan food in Bur Dubai
Curry On
Curry specialist adds spices to fusion cooking
Tasty Indian fare in the middle of busy Deira
Palm Jumeirah
Excelsior Creek Hotel
Pleasant café chain with branches around town
Downtown Deli
Best spot in The Dubai Mall for a well-priced sandwich
The Dubai Mall
All the artificial pull you need for a quick sugar fix. A colourful and brillian
Dusit Delicatessen
Excellent deli with take-away and sit-in dishes
Dusit Gourmet
Deli at the Dusit Residence serves up a variety of trendy snacks
EX Freshies - The Extreme Cafe
Extreme sports café in Times Square Mall
Next to Choithram Supermarket
Lounge and cafe serving up a spread of international cuisine
Emporio Armani Caffe
Chic and trendy, this café lounging stylishly at the end of the Via Rodeo desig
Epona Lounge
Casual lounge dining alongside Dubai's polo club