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One of the world's rarest primates has found a new home at The Green Planet

The slow loris can be found in the tropical forest at the indoor bio-dome at Cit

11 March 2019 08:23

Hub Zero

Genuinely state-of-the-art, we haven’t seen anything else like it

27 May 2019 11:47

The Green Planet indoor ecosystem to open in Dubai

Time Out Dubai has information on The Green Planet, a new tourist attraction in

18 January 2016 11:14

Pictures of new eL Seed mural at The Green Planet in Dubai

Time Out has details and pictures of the new eL Seed mural at The Green Planet i

18 December 2016 13:09

The Green Planet launches Australian wildlife experience

Meet wallabies, lizards, turtles and more at the new themed exhibit

31 March 2019 15:54

Be a zookeeper at The Green Planet

Kids can learn about and look after some of the inhabitants at the indoor biodom

11 September 2019 15:53

Walk on the wild side at Green Planet

Dubai’s indoor rainforest has its own ecosystem and some cute animals

10 June 2019 16:15

The Green Planet gets a terrifying Halloween make-over

Don't miss the creepy celebrations at the biodome's Haunted Forest

7 October 2019 16:04

Twin monkeys arrive at The Green Planet in Dubai

Tamarin monkey brothers to help raise awareness of threats facing jungle

29 August 2017 11:09

The Green Planet welcomes a brand-new bat cave

Learn all about short-tailed fruit bats at Dubai’s indoor rainforest

24 July 2018 05:35