Why role playing is important for child development

Imagination over knowledge

Why role playing is important for child development
Why role playing is important for child development Image #2
Why role playing is important for child development Image #3

Parents and childcare professionals know this too well: kids love to role play. They will try on outfits, create dialogue and use any household objects to impersonate a character for as long as their playmates will cooperate. Kids will pretend to be almost anything they can find a prop for.

Daycares, preschools and early learning centres often feature a costume box and role playing stations, and it’s time that you added them to their home toy collection too. The process of acting out and exploring new identities is an important part of personality and logical development, and here are three products that will help kids do just that.

Smoby Market
This fun role play set includes a cash register with electronic functions (real calculator), clock, 13 fake foods including fruits and vegetables, one shopping trolley, 12 banknotes, nine coins, a sound and light scanner and more.

Smoby Supermarket
This is the full shopping experience. Kids can walk in and shop, and little shop owners can buy and sell in a super-modern environment. There are so many accessories such as an electronic till with an LCD screen, calculator function and scanner with light and beeping noise –beep.

The kids will learn more about numbers and finances with a mechanical scale for weighing fruits and vegetables, and a credit card reader.

On the shelves, they’ll find a comprehensive range of supermarket goods: think packs of toy food, sweets and much more. Purchases can be transported in the shopping trolley and then put onto the conveyor belt. A coin can be put into the handle, just like the real thing.

Smoby Maxi Market
The highlight of this fabulous role play tool is the fridge with a transparent front. Whether they’re the shopkeeper behind the counter or shopper in front of it, there’s so much fun to be had.

The cashier can make an announcement using the microphone (rest assured, it’s silent). At the same time, kids can learn how to handle money. What’s more, if those little shoppers don’t have any cash, they can simply insert the credit card into the reader.

Fruits and vegetables can be weighed on the mechanical scales and the extensive range of products on offer also includes sweet treats and play grocery packages.

The adjustable clock allows little shopkeepers to decide for themselves when it’s closing time. Tick tock…

Mums and dads, time to go grocery shopping with the kids.
Your favourite Smoby Market collections are now available in stores.

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