Dubai's best vegan buys 2018

Everything from dehydrators to soup makers and spiralizers

Vegan in Dubai 2018

It can be a little bit overwhelming going vegan. Leaving behind a life of meat, you're suddenly thrust into a world that's solely full of fruits and vegetables (as well as meat substitutes, of course!).

However, there are some great vegan buys in shops across Dubai that make things easier.

We've rounded up our favourites – whether it's to make crunchy fruit or to slice your vegetables into curly ribbons. Let's get shopping.

You know the crunchy bits of banana you get in your muesli? That’s what a dehydrator is for. The appliance circulates warm air around stacked trays to allow water to evaporate easily and simultaneously – ideal for when your well-intentioned fruit shop is on its way out.
Dhs148. Available at

Know exactly what is going in your soup by knocking it up yourself. You can cram a load of veggies in one steaming hot bowl and a soup maker takes all of the hassle out of the preparation.
Dhs99. Available at

Slice your vegetables into nice curly ribbons with this hand-held spiralizer. Courgetty spaghetti, anyone?
Dhs50. Available at

Salad cutter bowl
To stop those pesky slithers of iceberg lettuce getting everywhere. Simply insert, slice down the ridges, rotate and repeat.
Dhs25. Available at

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