World's most expensive shoes go on sale in Dubai

They'll cost you Dhs62.4 million for the pair

Picture the scene. You've just landed on the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah's helipad and the gold cappuccino is on the way but your footwear just isn't quite up to the occasion.

Luckily, there's help at hand – because the hotel is selling the world's most expensive shoes at a cool Dhs62.4 million.

The Passion Diamond shoes are made of (you guessed it) diamonds and gold, with two centrepiece 15 karat jewels.

The shoes, designed by Jada Dubai in collaboration with Passion Jewellers, are on display at the Burj Al Arab in a European size 36, but they'll be tailored to the specific size of the buyer.

Maria Majari, co-founder of Jada Dubai, told Khaleej Times: "Jada Dubai designs only shoes with diamonds.

"For the launch of our second collection, we wanted to create a piece that is truly unique in the world using very rare diamonds.

"We signed a collaboration with Passion Jewellers that provided us with the rarest diamonds we were looking for."

She added: "Our product identifies with the glamorous city of Dubai and both the companies that created the shoes are from the UAE.

"We chose the Burj Al Arab hotel for the launch because it identifies the best with our product."

And luckily the price includes a lifetime warranty, so the shoes will be replaced if the leather wears out.
Dhs62.4 million. One pair. For more information, go to

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