Rock steady

Giuseppe Zanotti brings ’70s rock glamour to Dubai.

Goth, heavy metal and glam rock. These are three genres that we really, really, really never expected to see together in the Consume section. And yet former DJ-cum-shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti has managed it: his winter collection looks like the freakish offspring of mopey goths The Cure and glitter boys T-Rex.

‘The dark, gothic glamour of certain music from the early ’70s is how you should envisage this collection,’ he says. ‘Anyone remember [prog rock band] Uriah Heep?’ Um, well, not really (Google reveals that their biggest pop hit, 1983 single ‘Stay On Top’, clocked in at 76 on the UK charts). Still – the point is that rock and glam once made sweet music and now, via Zanotti, they’re making sweet shoes. ‘Songs like ‘Wizard’ and ‘Lady In Black’ were inspiring,’ Zanotti continues. ‘But for the more elegant models I also thought of Mozart’s The Magic Flute.’

While it’s hard to imagine how Mozart and proto-heavy-metallers Uriah Heep can exist side by side, Zanotti has channeled them into a surefire fashion success. They’ve become all the rage on the red carpet, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson, Janet Jackson and Eva Herzigová all making public appearances in the designer kicks.

As is to be expected of any rock-inspired line, black is the dominant colour theme, with splashes of deep red and dark purple also making appearances. The kind of lady that can pull off this look, says Zanotti, ‘is a little bit of a witch and a little bit of a fairy at the same time.’

While the collection does have a few softer numbers with beige, gold and silver colouring, the collection’s designs mostly draw heavily on the form and design of biker gear: in every part of the collection, boots and ankle straps stand tall. Even the classic pumps reach upwards. There’s no doubt, though, that the shoes in this collection are attention-grabbing (just look at the black and red sequined pump to the right). It’s no wonder that party animals like Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Rihanna feel drawn to the Giuseppe Zanotti label.

Zanotti agrees that the collection is aimed at ladies who like to be in the spotlight, and adds, ‘It’s a new way to interpret fashion for the times in which we’re living: maybe a little bit perverse, but always entertaining.’
Available at Giuseppe Zanotti at The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers (04 330 0620). Dhs2,200-6,300

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