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New gadgets with a dash of retro charm

Samsung WB1000
Samsung WB1000
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sony NWZ-B140F
Sony NWZ-B140F
Polaroid Two
Polaroid Two
Optoma Pico
Optoma Pico
Nikon 1000PJ
Nikon 1000PJ
Something old…

Old picture, new camera
Having given their standard model the design makeover equivalent of sewing leather patches onto a sweater, the retro credentials of the WB1000 are a little suspect, but HDMI connectivity (allowing you to see your pictures in full HD splendor on your HD TV), 5x optical zoom and a recycle bin option, which lessens the chance of deleting precious memories, make up for the iffy marketing slant.
Samsung WB1000, Dhs1,499, Plug-ins Electronix

Instant Gadgification

Thanks for the memory
For those who lament the loss of physical memories, this 7MP digital throwback harks back to the humble Polaroid, but given a fresh digital makeover. True, the memories are smaller than we remember (it prints 2x3 inch stickers), but with a waiting time of just 40 seconds, we like the speed.
Polaroid Two, Dhs1,400, www.firebox.com

Picture perfect?
Forget Polaroid. Why limit yourself to sticky bits of paper when the world could be your photograph with Nikon’s S1000PJ, the first projector camera. Not only can you shoot 12MP pictures and movies, but project them onto the surface of your choice. It’s hopefully out some time this month, but we can’t wait.
Nikon 1000PJ, DhsTBA, www.nikon.com

Movie magic
Tired of staring at walls not showing your favourite films? Yeah, so are we. The Optoma Pico hooks up to your iPod, MP3 player or camcorder and projects a pretty impressive image from up to 8.5 ft away.
Optoma Pico, Dhs1,500, i2

Game gear
These days, 16 bits is the minimum amount of tech you’d find in the average cereal box, but back in the ’90s it was ‘the future’. Now rehashed and preloaded with 15 games (albeit, sadly, no Echo the Dolphin), the Sega Mega Drive is available anew in all its tiny black plastic glory. The perfect chance to practice your old Sonic and Goldenaxe skills.
Sega Mega Drive, Dhs275, www.firebox.com

Walk like a man
There are few registered trademarks quite as nostalgic as the Walkman. But whereas the old cassette models were cumbersome, pocket-bursting affairs, the new NWZ-B140F 2GB and 4GB MP3 models just released in the UAE are quickly recharged, last longer (about 16-18 hours on average) and are about the size of a lipstick, weighing in at a paltry 26g. The times they are a changing.
Sony NWZ-B140F, Dhs399, Jumbo Electronics

App of the month

Speaking of instant gadgets, this freaky find makes Google Earth look like the aging passion of shut-ins. It downloads to your camera phone (Android now available, iPhone coming soon), so that when you point it at any well known landmark, information from Qtype and Wikipedia will tell you about it. It’s like a tiny, magical electronic tour guide.
Free, www.mobilizy.com

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