Revitalise your body

We hunt down the latest and greatest treatments for full body cleansing


Beauty ZZZ pillows
Sleeping on a cotton pillow, no matter how high the thread count, can cause static and frizz and will ruin your blow-dry after just one day (so says Maria Dowling). This 100 per cent silk pillow should give you at least three sleeps before that happens.
Dhs217, Makeup Etc, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 345 5747).

Nutri-Thermique hammams
This is a hammam where you get to keep your kit on: Kérastase has a new range of treatments that use heat to lock nutrients into the hair, forming a film of product around the hair to protect against dryness.
Treatments Dhs150-200. Sister’s Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall (04 339 8500).


The organic facial
The gorgeously understated spa at the new Ritz Carlton in DIFC offers facials by Ila, a brand that describes itself as ‘beyond organic’. The Rainforest Rejuvenation facial incorporates lymphatic drainage and an Amazonian mud mask. After the treatment you can glow even more in the knowledge that Ila works with and supports the Amazonian Kapayu tribe, the Berber women of Morocco and the Hunza tribe of Northern Pakistan.
Dhs475 for 60 minutes. Ritz Carlton, DIFC (04 372 2222).


The acupuncture face-lift
This safe, non-surgical alternative to going under the knife involves the placing of many small needles into the face (not as ‘ouch’ as it sounds), improving blood circulation, bringing nutrients to the skin, increasing collagen production and removing metabolic toxins. A course of four treatments is recommended to achieve a look ‘five to 15 years younger’ and lift those jowls. If we’re going to stick needles into our faces, we’d rather this than Botox.
Dhs800 for first session and Dhs480 for follow-up sessions. Gulf American Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 344 2050).


Express whitening
We all want a dazzling smile, but not all of us want glow-in-the-dark gnashers. This new, less painful form of whitening will lighten your teeth by four or five shades, not seven or eight, giving you a natural look. Teeth-whitening can take up to two hours and be so painful that even inhaling a day later sends shudders down the spine. Smile Express, however, is genuinely pain-free and takes no more than 20 minutes.
Dhs1,500, The Dental Studio, Jumeirah (04 395 5095).


Minx stickers
Minx stickers are the latest thing for your talons. They last on your hands for about a week, and your toes for as long as it takes them to grow out. They come in blinging metallic, leopard print (raow!) and even Barack Obama faces. They’re only for the brave, but peel off easily once ready and don’t stain your nails.
A minx mani costs Dhs175, a pedi Dhs200. Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah (04 394 7393).


Needle liposuction
This new form of liposuction (well, new to the UAE) uses ultrasound to liquefy fat, meaning that incisions of only about 1cm are needed, so it's less disruptive to the body, more effective on hard-to-reach areas and the patient can go home three or four hours after surgery. This is not a call for you to go out and get it (love handles are beautiful and we’d rather buy a car with the amount it costs), but it is interesting, and rather frightening, to wonder if it means that ‘lipo’ could soon be a lunchtime treatment.
A stomach treatment costs Dhs28,000, Al Razi Building, Dubai Healthcare City (04 375 2393).


Lyco wax
Lyco wax is reportedly Victoria Beckham’s favourite form of hair removal. While most celebrity endorsements scream phony to us, the fact that it’s more painful to wax areas with less fat on them has us taking VB’s seriously. The Australian brand’s system uses a pre-wax oil to reduce wax contact with the skin, the wax is packed with essential oils like vanilla and chocolate, and it really is less painful than other waxes, especially in the bikini area.
A full-leg wax with Lycon costs Dhs120; bikini line is Dhs55. Available at Sisters Beauty Lounge, various locations including The Village Mall (04 342 0787).


Deluxe pedicures
Forget standard pedicures – deluxe feet-treats are all the rage now. Under The Sea in Jumeirah offers garra ruffa pedicures (tiny fish nibbling away at your soles. Really.) and at The One & Only Palm, treatments by celebrity pedi-meister Bastien Gonzalez (well, one of his therapists) focus on the foot holistically and ditch nail polish, bringing out the natural brilliance of the nail through buffing. These days even most standard nail bars are offering such add-ons as seaweed treatments, foot fizz baths and herbal detox wraps.
Dhs350 for 25 minutes in the tank and a spa pedicure at Under The Sea, Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza (04 342 7766); Dhs450 for a one-hour pedicure at the Bastien Gonzalez Cure Studio, One & Only The Palm (04 440 1040).

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