Quick fire Q&A

Quick fire Q&A, Joseph

Describe your style in 5 words: grungy, retro, fun, structured and layered.
Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?
Singapore. I would head to my favourite coffee shop and soak up the vibe of the city.
The best decade in the history of style was: I’m loving the 80s at the moment. I’m currently wearing a lot of colourful socks and turned up jeans – retro-revival!
The film I should have starred in is: Wasabi! A Japanese film which always inspires me. I love its style.
The song that could have been written about me is: Deep Blue Something, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
When I tell my friends I’ve been selected as one of Time Out’s 20 most stylish readers they will: I haven’t told anyone yet so at first they will be surprised, then be really happy for me.
The acronym that describes me is: I’m often called Butterfingers, for my clumsy style at basketball – surprising how I’m now a hair stylist.
The secret to style is: two things; personality and confidence!
A perfect day would be: chilling out on the beach in Perth, Australia. I would practice my surfing and just relax all day.
My profound thought for the day is: life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.
Massive meals or light bites? light bites, my job is too hectic to have time for a full meal so I like to grab snacks when I can.
Rock star, film star or sports star? I would love to be a sports star! I met the Japanese fighter Norifumi Yamamoto once. He is my hero.
Sunrise or sunset? sunrise, it reminds me of being back home, waking up on the beach of Brunei – the dawn of a new day!
Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa? Burj Khalifa, as this was a building built during my time in Dubai. I remember all my friends back home kept messaging me about it.
Desert or beach? I love the beach as I get to play sport there. Although I do love a winter desert barbecue.
Mall or market? I’d choose a market any day. You can find so many interesting things there, plus they’re always outdoors.
Hot or cold? I like to be hot, definitely. Although growing up in Asia I always wanted to be cold for a change.
Facebook or Twitter? I don’t use Twitter so I would have to say Facebook out of default.
Trainers or shoes? I actually collect trainers, I have a huge cupboard full of them. Can’t wait to own a walk-in wardrobe and just stack it full.
Mac or PC? I love Macs, I bought a white imac last week – it looks very stylish in my front room.
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