Favourite stores

Joshua’s in a Rage for new hats and sneakers

My favourite stores, Joshua

The Wrist: I get most of my watches from them.
The Zoo Concept: boutique on Jumeirah Beach road with fun stuff and cool sunglasses.
Reiss: for dressier outfits, they have a good set of stuff.
Rage: new Era hats, or online.
Nike: I’m a sneaker collector and enthusiast.
Uniqlo: Japanese clothing brand in London and around the world. It’s like American Apparel, but better quality.
Fred Perry: nice preppy collection and nice polos.
Marc Jacobs: I like the things he does in collaboration with others.
Adidas Originals: for urban street clothing.
AIAIAI: they have headphones that I love. Their sound quality is great.
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Joshua’s in a Rage for new hats and sneakers


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