May El Calamawy’s 60 second style guide

The grungy, yoghurt-loving actress with Bette Davis Eyes takes our quick fire quiz

Quick fire Q&A, May

Describe your style in 5 words: vintage, grunge, chic, boho and preppy.
Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? New York City.
The best decade in the history of style was: 1950s.
The film I should have starred in is: La Vie en Rose.
The song that could have been written about me is: Bette Davis Eyes by the North Boy Choir. It has to be that version.
When I tell my friends I’ve been selected as one of Time Out’s 20 most stylish readers they will: probably be curious to check it out.
The acronym that describes me is: SQWEAC: spontaneous, quirky, witty, energetic, artsy, cheeky.
The secret to style is: simplicity, with an unexpected accent.
A perfect day would be: stress free, with friends and family, sun, good music and Pink Berry frozen yoghurt.
My profound thought for the day is: no matter how bad it is, it could always be worse.
Massive meals or light bites? A little bit of both.
Rock star, film star or sports star? Film star.
Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise. It’s all about the anticipation of seeing the first rays and the beauty that follows.
Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa? Neither really.
Desert or beach? Beach.
Mall or market? Depends on which country I’m in.
Hot or cold? Cold. Dressing for winter makes me happy.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
Trainers or shoes? Relative to the location, but most likely shoes.
Mac or PC? Mac Mac Mac!
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