Simone Sebastian’s 60 second style guide

Twitter-loving Mac fan faces the abuse of her friends by taking the Time Out style test

Quick fire Q&A, Simone

Describe your style in five words: eclectic, comfortable, layered, silly, man-repelling.
Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? Berlin, on a sunny day.
The best decade in the history of style was: every decade has given us interesting fashion.
The film I should have starred in is: Synecdoche. In my ideal universe, I wish I would have written/directed/produced/released AND starred in the film. I love this movie.
The song that could have been written about me is: Living it Out by Planningtorock.
When I tell my friends I’ve been selected as one of Time Out’s 20 most stylish readers they will: laugh out loud, and probably dig out old Facebook pictures of my fashion 'experiments'.
The secret to style is: not caring what other people think.
A perfect day would be: a day off.
Massive meals or light bites? Small meals throughout the day.
Rock star, film star or sports star? Rock star slash actress slash vagabond.
Desert or beach? Considering I can't swim, I'm going to have to go with the desert.
Mall or market? Market, preferably out of the boot of someone's car.
Hot or cold? How about tepid?
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter entertains me all day (it's one of the first things I check when I wake up in the morning).
Trainers or shoes? Both. Even together perhaps?
Mac or PC? Mac all the way (we'll miss you Steve Jobs!)
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