Quickfire Q&A

Hubristic Hisham is the man who sold the world

Describe your style in 5 words: very classic with some intrigue.
Where would you like to wake up tomorrow: a semi-deserted Mediterranean island.
The best decade in the history of style was: the roaring ’20s. The men and women were all immaculately dressed, even when going to the supermarket.
The film I should have starred in is: From Russia, With Love. Sharp suits. Traveling to exotic locations, and hanging out in Istanbul. Not to mention gorgeous leggy blondes with hot red lipstick.
The song that could have been written about me is: when I was a bit younger and rebellious, a couple of friends suggested that Nirvana’s ‘The man who sold the world’ might be ideal as a theme song.
When I tell my friends I’ve been selected as one of Time Out’s 20 most stylish readers they will: ask for free copies that they will later douse with lighter fuel and use to start barbecues when the weather gets better. Friends are sneaky that way.
The acronym that describes me is: H.I.S.H.A.M = Highly introspective, somewhat hubristic, assinine male.
The secret to style is: to think of clothes as just another form of expression. Like a blank blackboard or wet clay.
A perfect day would be: an equal mix of overwhelming productivity, where words just refuse to stop flowing from keyboard and pen, followed by long, languorous naps and conversations preferably involving hammocks and perfect weather.
My profound thought for the day is: that it is impossible to have profound thoughts on demand. Profound thoughts require a long shower, or possibly a cigar.
Massive meals or light bites: Massive meals. The hedonist in me loves the idea of gorging on food.
Rock star, film star or sports star: Film star, because musicians have an unhealthy propensity to pop off quite early in their lives.
Sunrise or sunset: Definitely sunset. I’m not a morning person.
Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa: An old dive venue the wrong side of the creek is more my thing.
Desert or beach: The beach. Half an inch below sun-kissed water is where the entire world falls into perfect place.
Mall or market: Market, vintage preferably.
Hot or cold: That depends on whether it’s ice cream or paella. Pizza goes well either way.
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter’s my first love.
Trainers or shoes: There’s nothing quite as inspiring as a well-cut, polished pair of shoes.
Mac or PC: I’d been a PC man most of my life. But once you go Mac, you can’t go back.
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