My best buys

Two Rolexes, red loafers and a bunch of bowties

Gingham Wayfarer-esque sunglasses: I picked up these at a Chickpeas vintage sale in Mirdiff. They’re cool, they’re irreverent, and they instantly catch the eye. They even make a white tee look cool.
Red loafers from Casadei: add colour to any outfit, and are easy to slip into for errands. They’re leather, not suede, which means they’re easier to clean.
A 1983 Rolex dual tone watch: it might not be my favourite watch, but it’s a classic that can be worn daily. Durable, resilient, recognisable.
Trinity de Cartier burgundy fountain pen: well worth knowing that you’ve got an excellent writing instrument should you need to prove it mightier than the sword.
Christian Dior burgundy dress shoes: I found them at a Saks Fifth Avenue sale and couldn’t resist. They make such a very refreshing change from standard black dress shoes. And they’re durable too.
Bowties: the reason some men wear bowties is because others don’t. Some of these were ties in a past life, before I found a tailor who could convert them.
Sterling silver engraved cufflinks: an old gift from an old friend. Classic, understated, elegant.
The original Paul Smith dress shirt: I coveted this shirt long before I found it in my size while passing through Heathrow. It’s the bright, instantly recognizable Paul Smith pattern of vertical lines that makes it so appealing.
Pocket squares: for the discerning jacket pocket. I pick up quirky pocket handkerchiefs wherever I can: Hermes at Bahrain Airport, Duchamp and a nameless street vendor in Nepal.
Vintage dress Rolex: sometimes, you wear a bit of history on your wrist, only for yourself. The 9k gold casing has engravings at the back suggesting it was given to a shipyard employee in 1958 after 25 years of service.
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