Design your own jeans in Dubai

Create a personalised bespoke pair at new Sunset Mall store


Finding that perfect pair of jeans can be like searching for a needle in a denim haystack – it’s often time-consuming, disheartening and downright frustrating. But once you do find perfect-fitting denim, you’ll be as loyal to the brand as you are to your best friend.

Finnish brand Nomo Jeans is well aware of the pitfalls. Now open in Sunset Mall (its first boutique outside Europe) Nomo is a five-step personalisation service that allows you to decide the style, colour, details and effects of your jeans before stepping inside a solarium-like chamber to scan your measurements. The whole process takes around 15 minutes; five to six weeks later you’ll receive your jeans, direct from Finland. I went along to check it out.

1 The style
When I walk into the sleek boutique, I come face to face with the lower half of ten mannequins. Thankfully, each is wearing a pair of jeans, in five different styles for men and five for women. Clipboard in hand, ready to record my selections, store assistant Fauzia explains each of the styles, which range from ultra-skinny (Thinny Mini) to wide-leg (Flared Devil). I seem to have collected more than my fair share of skinny jeans over the years, so I opt for a high-waisted pair with the widest leg available.

2 The colour
With 15 colours to choose from, I’m a little stumped as to which I should opt for. There are various shades of black, grey, light and dark blue, white and even red, yet I decide to throw a curveball and choose plum. The threat of being mocked by my friends momentarily causes me to ponder my decision, but I decide to wing it and leave the boring blues for another occasion.

3 The effects
There are three different ‘looks’ you can add to your jeans at this stage, though I’m informed that they don’t apply to the brightly coloured denim, such as the shade I’ve chosen. Those who go with other options can choose from heavy or light fading, ‘defects’ to give your jeans a distressed look, or ‘vintage’, when they are slightly faded for an old-school feel.

4 The details
Now I’m asked to put my own personal spin on my jeans. I choose a square pocket rather than classic (which I’m told is more flattering on petite women). I then decide on a regular thick waistband, a zipper fastening rather than button-up, and patch pockets on the front to flatter the high-waisted style. Next comes choosing the colour of the stitching (there are eight options in total), seaming and the fabric for the pocket lining. I go with a bright floral pattern to complement the plum and choose a tan Nomo Jeans label.

5 The scan
Here comes the fun part. Fauzia whisks me away into a changing room with a smaller room inside it separated by a curtain, like a magician’s stall. I’m about to get scanned, Total Recall style. I strip down to the bare essentials and step inside the dark cubicle, placing my feet on the footprint shapes on the floor. Gripping the handles at the sides (it’s a little like being at the tanning salon, without the fear of frying to death), I suck in my tummy as Fauzia recommends. Then I listen to the directions over the loudspeaker as the machine scans my measurements.

I wait for the bell to ring before exiting the changing room and signing a form to confirm my selections are correct. From start to finish the entire process takes about 20 minutes, and I’m informed that the jeans will arrive at the store in five to six weeks. Watch this space.
Dhs925 per pair. Nomo Jeans, Sunset Mall, Beach Road (04 388 4221).

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