How to get anything delivered in Dubai

From handymen and errand-runners to a singing telegram service


No need to part yourself from your beloved A/C, as we find everything you need to survive the season without leaving the house. Compiled by Holly Sands and Khalook Al-Yassin.

Two weeks ago, we brought you Dubai’s biggest takeaway guide to help keep you fed and watered from the confines of your very own abode. This week, we give you the ultimate delivery guide, helping you cover all non-edible bases: want someone to take the kids to school for you? Done. Spirit the dog away for a spruce-up? No problem. Want to stay clean, healthy, comfortable and well-pampered for the rest of this year’s late-starting, but no-less-scorching summer? We’ve got you covered – right down to singing telegrams.

Anything you want

Mashaweer Errands Service
This new errands service offers to run around town doing your bidding, however obscure or banal it may be. From dropping off forgotten lunch boxes to picking up dry-cleaning, paying your bills to delivering surprise gifts, no task is too great or small – some clients have even requested a single ice-cream.
From Dhs28 per delivery, prices vary across town. (800 900 900). Quote this offer when booking and get 25 percent off all bike errands within Dubai. Readers who buy a 30-day package of ten bike errands for Dhs400 anywhere in Dubai get a free car or van errand anywhere in the UAE, worth Dhs500. Until August 31.

Genie Delivery Services
Send someone else out to do your bidding with this delivery service. This outfit handles everything from collecting cinema tickets to visiting supermarkets to doing grocery shopping on your behalf. They will pick things up, drop things off, in fact, they’ll accept almost any job – as long as it’s a portable, legal request.
From Dhs45 per errand, Dhs15 per additional stop. (800 4364).
Have someone else do the school run, pay your bills, deliver contracts... they’ll even – bizarrely – shrink-wrap a car as a birthday joke, or write your ‘thank you’ or birthday cards for you. It seems there really are few limits to this extraordinary service.
Dhs100 per hour. (04 456 2552).


Reader’s Paradise
Rent books from a choice of thousands of different titles in a wide variety of genres. Whether you prefer crime, fantasy, history, autobiographies or even business reads, this online book rental service will drop off books of your choosing, and pick them up again when you’ve finished.
From Dhs35 per month to rent two titles at a time, unlimited rentals per month. (04 422 7495).

Gifts and surprises

Marble Slab Creamery
Hosting a birthday party but forgot the cake? Fear not. Dubai’s Marble Slab can prepare a giant cookie cake, complete with a personalised icing message and then deliver it to your door, all within 90 minutes of ordering. No one need know about your oversight.
From Dhs100, plus Dhs20 for delivery. Marble Slab, Mall of the Emirates (04 341 1182).

Party Surprises Dubai
As well as general birthday event organising, you can also hire a fire juggler and stilt walkers from this party firm. If you want to go all-out with the indoor entertainment (sometimes box sets just aren’t enough to see you through summer), get a magician delivered to your door.
Price upon request. (04 374 4120).

The Big Moo
A unique way to shower your loved ones with affection, call up Dubai’s first and only singing telegram service. Pick from 40 different mascot options, and send them to sing to your recipient’s doorstep (literally), accompanied by a bouquet of flowers or balloons.
From Dhs500. (04 341 9935).

Home supplies
As well as delivering all your groceries (including gluten-free options), this online services lets you order everything from batteries and light bulbs to pet litter and baby nappies to toiletries and even shisha. If they don’t already sell what you’re looking for, there’s an online product request form to suggest anything they may have overlooked. There’s also a discount for first-time shoppers.
Minimum spend Dhs50. (04 447 1538).
If you’re feeling too under-the-weather to make your way to the nearest chemist, this chain can help. As well as delivering medicine direct to your door, they also offer natural remedies and vitamins, cosmetics, first-aid kits and other medical equipment.
No minimum spend, Dhs3 delivery charge. (800 7427 6229).

Get your carpet shampooed, your clothes dry-cleaned and steam-pressed and your curtains cleaned, all at the hands of this service, operated by Atlas Laundry.
Minimum pick-up Dhs50, shirts from Dhs5. (04 396 9716).

Odd jobs

Jim Will Fix It
Forget trudging around hardware stores to spend your weekend immersed in DIY – get an expert round to do it for you. This handy-man service offers a range of skills at a reasonable price, including repairs for household electrics, plumbing, painting and A/V wiring.
Dhs100 per call out, Dhs100 per hour of labour. (04 340 2338).


Belle Femme
Get pampered from the comfort of your own home with the mobile salon service from this company. Mani-pedis, cut and blow-dries, waxing, bleaching, massages and much more are on offer, and Belle Femme can also facilitate pamper parties for groups.
Minimum spend Dhs130. (04 454 8652).

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