10 best sites for festive shopping

If you can't find a gift in one of Dubai's many malls why not try and find something online.

What do you get for the man who has everything? Why, the MP4 watch of course. With over 2Gb of memory, it plays movies and TV shows on its 1.5-inch screen and stores up to 500 songs. If that doesn’t get him jumping up and down, then the flying alarm clock will. Ejecting an ear-piercing spinning helicopter blade that doesn’t shut up until it’s been replaced, it will get him to work on time.

With Dubai’s musical selection as limited as its weather – that’s hot, very hot, or even hotter – you have to jump online to find what the cool kids are listening to. And with emusic’s millions of songs split into 13 easy-to-use categories (which are then sub-divided – math rock punk anybody?), you’ll find almost everything on there, making a year’s subscription the perfect music-lover’s gift.

If you are struggling for gift ideas this year, then we have just the ticket (or rather tickets). The longest running online ticketing service in the region, we have the inside scoop on all the upcoming events, concerts and shows.

This website has a great selection of gift baskets that you can fill up with everything from handmade patchwork blankets with satin trim to organic baby toiletries, clothes and toys. Choose from pre-made sets like ‘Flower Girl’ or ‘Boy’s Bath Time’, and get them delivered to a new mummy – or to yourself for your little ones.


Want to get a Christmas present that will look good and help the environment (air freight over here excepted)? Then head to this style-savvy online store, which stocks nothing but Fair Trade fashion and ethically produced goods.

It might be considered lazy to trawl the net to find the right present, but there’s nothing remotely lethargic about jumping out of a plane or driving a Lamborghini – all gift ideas from this Dubai-based website. If these are a tad too energetic, however, then simply book yourself and your other half into Amara spa for the ‘day of romance’ package.

The ultimate one-stop shopping site, Quick Dubai lives up to its name. If you want a ‘Romeo y Julieta’ cigar, a bottle of Issey Miyake perfume and some tasty kangaroo meat to wash everything down with, all delivered to your door the next day, then this is the site for you.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like slaving over a hot stove all day. But if, like Time Out, your cooking efforts look more like a slowly disintegrating Jabba The Hutt than haute cuisine, then order your Christmas dinner in advance. Simply remove all the packaging, shove it in the oven for effect and your partner will be none the wiser.

If battling the hordes of festive mall trawlers is too much for you to handle at Christmas time, log on to this site. The designer haven is stocked to the brim with the latest offerings from Paul & Joe, D&G and Tom Ford amongst others, making clothes shopping no harder than flexing your index finger (and your credit card).

In this ‘me, me, me’ age, it’s easy to forget to be green. But all the products this site offers are produced from sustainable materials. With items like a solar iPod charger, you can be good to your loved ones and the environment.

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