Why we love: Volk bags

Our twin loves of handbags and saving the world have been realised.

What it is Volk! Bags, a line of eco-friendly tote bags made from reused fabrics by Danny Volk. ‘I never intended to make green things,’ Volk says, ‘it just sort of happened naturally.’

Who he is Volk was born in the US, Ohio specifically, and during university he did what many new grads do: He worked in the restaurant industry. One day, while waiting tables, Volk found a piece of fabric near the trash (‘it was really nice and wasn’t dirty,’ he adds) and decided to teach himself how to sew it into a tote bag. He liked his finished product and, suspecting he was onto something, went to local thrift stores to purchase used curtains, dresses and shirts. He made more bags in his apartment, then took the totes to a handful of boutiques and convinced the owners to stock them.

Why we like it The bags (Dhs250) are simple, and since Volk uses different fabric combinations (ranging from busy prints to plain corduroy to plaid), each is one-of-a-kind. He also accepts custom orders (Dhs600), where you can supply your own pieces of fabric. Volk’s creative aspirations and green initiatives don’t end with the bags, either. On his website, he also sells scarves made out of sweater vests (Dhs100) and whimsical mustard gags (Dhs50), which are basically reused mustard bottles filled with yellow yarn, perfect for jokesters everywhere. ‘I hope these projects inspire people to think about resources differently and being creative,’ he says.

Where to find it The bags are available at www.elementschicago.com

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