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Jenny Hewett chats to the head buyer of sustainable Chinese label JNBY

Hoori Ghavimi
Hoori Ghavimi
Jacket, Dhs1,000
Jacket, Dhs1,000
Dress, Dhs945
Dress, Dhs945
Dress, Dhs960
Dress, Dhs960
Scarf, Dhs335
Scarf, Dhs335

Jenny Hewett chats to the head buyer of sustainable Chinese label JNBY, which has just opened its first UAE flagship store in Citywalk.

With a contemporary aesthetic based on using all natural materials, Chinese label JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) is one of the first all-sustainable fashion brands to open a flagship in Dubai. Launched in 1994 in China’s textile capital Hangzhou by designer Li Lin, the brand has an edgy, post-modernist vibe and is inspired by music, art and architecture. Here, we chat to the label’s head buyer, Hoori Ghavimi, who travels between Dubai and Iran and is responsible for sourcing the natural textiles used in the garments.

Explain your role as head buyer for JNBY
I am a keen follower of trends and I am aware of the vital role of research in design. My speciality is textiles and I have a sound knowledge of how they relate to design. My experience in the textile and fabric industry is what helps when it comes to picking the right design and silhouette.

Explain the concept behind JNBY
Meaning Just Naturally Be Yourself, the founder and creative director Li Lin envisioned a fashion line that would make a statement thorough innovative design, showing personality through natural creativity. The clothes are all made with eco-friendly natural materials, such as cotton, wool and silk, and these are staple materials for the brand.

Who is in charge of design today?
A group of 11 former art and design students currently design for the line. The desire to encourage individual interpretation of design as it relates to a modern lifestyle is the constant driving force of JNBY.

Are the pieces designed in a way that lets their natural quality shine? If so, how?
The pieces are created to show the quality of the organic fabric by focusing on the cut and colour as well as the latest trends.

How would you describe the new collection for SS14?
It has a construction theme, with hints of minimalism, multi-layered structures as well as a sense of retro architecture.

Are there any trends you would say JNBY has set for SS14?
Graphic 3D prints are popular and also the brightly coloured mesh cardigans and tops that have a sporty influence, which can be worn over any outfit to make it stand out. There is lots of linen and silk in the collection to emphasise comfort.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?
The jumpsuit is definitely a favourite as it can be worn for any occasion. You can create a daytime casual look by putting on a cardigan or a denim jacket or glam it up in the evening and team it with accessories and a pair of heels.
JNBY, Citywalk, junction of Al Wasl and Al Safa Road, Jumeirah 1 (04 344 8828).

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