Suit buying tips for men

How do you know if the suit you are wearing is the perfect one for you?

We catch up with Sacoor Brothers, tailors to some of the city’s nattiest dressers, to learn the tricks of how to wear your formal threads.
The clothes: Loro Piana Fabric Suit, Dhs7,950; Oxford collar shirt, Dhs395; wine silk tie, Dhs195; Goodyear welted shoes, Dhs2,450. Various locations including The Dubai Mall (04 330 8143).

The sleeves

Should rest just below the heel of the palm of your hand, and the shirt should protrude no more than 1cm below the jacket.

Pocket square

There are a variety of ways to fold a pocket square – the most straight-forward is a simple square, which will dress up a suit quickly and easily. The pocket square should protrude around 5mm (half a cm) over the top of the pocket lining.

The trousers

Suit trousers should come down to rest on the top of the shoe lace – but not fully covering them – resting halfway down the shoe. Pair brown shoes with a navy suit, as black will be too harsh, but if you’re going to do that make sure you wear a brown belt too. Mismatching shoes and belts are the ultimate fashion faux-pas. Don’t worry if socks show when seated, as this means the trousers are the correct length. Wear understated socks, in a similar colour to the suit, and make sure they are long, so that bare legs are never showing.

The tie

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your threads, nothing will make a suit look sloppier than a badly presented tie. To keep your look sharp, make sure you perfect the full Windsor or half-Windsor knot for a corporate or professional presentation. This is a
classic look that never goes out of style.

How to tie your tie

To tie a full Windsor, first place the tie loosely around your neck, with the fat end significantly longer than the thin end. Cross the longer end over the shorter end, and loop it around the right-hand side of the cross through the gap between the tie and neck. Repeat this, this time looping around the left hand side of the knot. Pass the tie across the front of the knot, back through the tie, and down through the centre of the knot. Make sure the tie is symmetrical as you pull the knot up to the collar.

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