Find your face’s most flattering frames

Rachel Duggan of walks Louise Emma Clarke through the five steps to snapping up the perfect frames

1 One of the most important factors to consider when buying sunglasses, isn’t frame or face shape – these considerations are secondary. First, look into the level of sun protection. Always go for brands and styles that have 100 percent UV protection to shield your peepers from the blazing desert sun.

2 Oval faces are perfect for any frame in the cat eye family. Whether you go for a curved edge or something pointy, look for shapes that are designed with a dipped bridge for a flattering spec.

3 Those with a square face get to have all the fun with fashion’s favourite frame of the moment: round sunglasses. The retro-inspired shape comes in various different sizes, including small John Lennon-esque styles to larger sizes that would do Iris Apfel proud. 

4 Finding a frame for a rectangular face is an easy task, as any pair of sunglasses with large lenses will help disguise the proportions of your face. You can play with square and D-shaped frames – and the bigger, the better.

5 If you have fuller cheeks and a rounded chin, you are blessed with being able to wear strong shapes and large sunglasses. Oversized shades with square or D-shaped frames are a great choice. Make a stronger statement by going for a quirky colour choice, too.

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