Homegrown fashion from Kal Jacobs

Family-owned firm bring bamboo shirts to Dubai

Forget walking around with your arms clamped fiercely to your sides to mask those summer sweat patches – new kid on the block Kal Jacobs has a lightweight, breathable trick up its sleeve in the form of its line of bamboo shirts. Jocelyn Jacob of the family-owned, Dubai-born brand explains why every man needs one in his wardrobe.

Bamboo shirts from Dhs99 (or Dhs84 in the current sale, until the end of June). Free shipping across the UAE for orders of Dhs90 or more. Kal Jacobs, www.kaljacobs.com.

The eco-friendly stuff
‘Bamboo is actually one of the fastest growing plants on our planet, making it an incredible renewable source. It’s a low maintenance plant that requires little energy and water to grow and sustain, and it doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo fibre is also biodegradable.’

The style
‘We have formal, smart casual and casual styles, and two fits – regular and tailored – across our collection of 100 percent cotton and bamboo shirts, polos and T-shirts. This particular shirt is a tailored fit.’

The brand
‘Our gran jefe, George Jacob, has lived in Dubai since the ’70s and successfully established himself in several businesses over the past three decades. Kal Jacobs was in the works for about a year before it finally came to fruition mid-2014. We don’t have a physical store – at the moment we’re exclusively online. We provide shipping to the GCC and most countries around the world.’

The fabric
‘We always knew we wanted our shirts to be made of the finest quality cotton – all 100 percent of it – and we’ve made it so. But then we came across a unique fabric, this organic bamboo, and we had to have it. It has a great number of incredible qualities – it’s naturally very soft, lightweight and durable, so it’s perfect for the weather here. The porous qualities of bamboo fibre allow the fabric to breathe, so the shirt feels fresh longer too. It’s also delicate on the skin, so ideal for people with sensitivities. Lastly, these shirts are easy to care for – low temperature setting in the wash, fast-drying and, to an extent, naturally wrinkle-resistant.

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