Maternity clothes in Dubai

Once upon a time the term pregnancy fashion made no sense. But a new range of funky outfits could change all that

‘I believe in embracing the pregnant figure and the “nine months of style”, proclaims Jenny Nicholson, head of Jenny Rose Maternity and a mother of three, herself. ‘One of the most important things is to have choice and comfort which is highly fashionable – woman should not have to lose their identity for nine months – but merely work with a new one.’ Here, she outlines her top tips to a stylish pregnancy.

Focus on fabrics and textures

‘Many women add years to their age by dressing in over-sized tops. My collection allows you to keep on trend while being pregnant. The Jenny Rose elasticised chiffon tops look great worn over jeans or leggings, but for dressier occasions try an empire-waisted tops and jackets to flatter your shape. You can chose fabrics which you would normally wear, just remembering to ‘dress the bump’ as well as yourself.

Mix and match

Buy clothes in the colours that flatter you most and try to stick with those that co-ordinate well with each other, meaning that pretty much everything you have can go with everything else... great when you are too tired to co-ordinate! If you have not had your colour palette done by a professional, now might be a time to treat yourself – it’s important to know which colours flatter you.

Keep it sleek

With your body growing so quickly, instinct might tell you to cover up in big, baggy clothes, but by choosing slim-fitting styles, this will flatter your rounder shape and a smooth silhouette is key to remaining fashionable. Hiding your bump can actually make you look bigger than you are – there is nothing worse than people thinking you’ve put on weight when in actual fact you’re pregnant. Instead, try wearing figure-hugging clothes that highlight that you are pregnant, rather than overweight – and invest in a new LBD for special occasions.

Maintain an eye for detail

When you’re no longer in total control of your clothes size, at least you can select clothes with wonderful detailing – ruffled hems, sweet necklines, interesting cuffs and billowing sleeves. Jazz up plain styles with beading, jewels and whatever else takes your fancy. Accessorising your outfits can also help to add colour and glam to a simple day outfit.

Dress in layers, so you can strip

With hormones running riot throughout your body, you are circulating a lot more blood than normal – and given that we live in the desert, you’re going to be hot! Dress yourself with this in mind: layer, layer, layer. That way you can strip off as necessary. Invest in a few Pashminas with varying colours to cheer up outfits and control temperature.

Soft, easy-care fabrics

The last thing you need to be worrying about when you’re pregnant is your dry cleaning or ironing. Stick to soft, breathable clothing that is wash-and-wear and check care instructions before you buy. You’ll find that you tear through your maternity wardrobe faster than you would your regular one, so it makes sense to invest in clothing with quality construction and made with durable fabrics that can bear frequent washing.

The killer heel

Most women give up heels during pregnancy as it can add stress to your back in a time when comfort is key. But there are still going to be times when you’re going to want to be glamorous. Try out a kitten heel to add a bit of glam without the pain of a stiletto or opt for a platform or wider heel – they’re more comfortable. Invest in some good insoles and hide a pair of flats in your bag to slip into when you’re out of view or at the table.

Jenny Rose Maternity stores at Mall of the Emirates (04 341 0577) and BurJuman (04 352 1706)

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