Meet the designers - Nomada Accessories

With Mumbai-born brand Nomada Accessories’ new handbag range wowing forearms across Dubai, we got its founders, Divya Rashul and Sana Shakoor, to pick their five favourite pieces

A relatively new fashion start-up, Nomada Accessories is not yet a year old, but its founders – Sana Shakoor, 29, and Divya Rashul, 32 – have already seen considerable success.

‘Our plans for the future include expanding our distribution further in Africa and India, and customising our bags for clients.’ In other words, get in there quick and enjoy their stunning range of handbags while they are exclusively ours.

The pair met at fashion school in their home city of Mumbai, and also studied in London before deciding to start a fashion brand with a unique edge. ‘We both come from fashion backgrounds,’ says Divya. ‘Sana had her own label of Indian clothing and I worked in men’s sports and casual wear apparel. After I got married and moved to Dubai, we decided to start an accessories brand together as it was something new for us both and something we knew we could do well together.’

The result has been a series of stunning accessories and statement-piece handbags that have proved so popular that the pair are frequently commuting between Mumbai and Dubai to develop both ideas and production. ‘What started as an experiment turned out to be something we both found we loved doing,’ says Divya. ‘It enabled us to be creative and have fun at the same time, on a brand that is ours alone.’

We asked the pair to pick their five favourite pieces from the collection, as well as give us the ideas behind the inception of each design.
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Big City Lights

‘Inspired by the sparkle and opulence of Dubai, Big City Lights is a representation of the city of the future. Covered in crystals both front and back, it is meant to reflect the futuristic architecture of Dubai that shimmers with the ubiquitous lights of the city. This bag is a personal favourite as it is inspired by the city I now call home.’

The Talisman

‘The evil eye is a symbol that is recognised across cultures, especially in the Middle East, and our Talisman bag is inspired by the custom of carrying or wearing the evil eye as a keepsake, as protection and as a charm that keeps you safe wherever you go. This bag was our first creation and is therefore our favourite.’

Tassel Town

‘There is a street in the back lanes of Mumbai that is narrow and bustling. Crammed to the gills with shops that spill over on to each other. Each of them selling tassels in all fabrics, colours and sizes. Stumbling upon this street of treasures, we were inspired to create a functional but fun piece – that incorporated a tassel, of course!’

The Cleo

‘Our Cleo Envelope Clutch draws inspiration from the straight lines, symmetry and shapes of the pyramids of Egypt, and is named after the most glamorous and fashionable Egyptian of them all, Cleopatra! One of the most versatile bags in our collection, we make it in many colours.’

The Dervish Box

‘The Dervish Box is a whimsical and fun representation of the Turkish whirling dervish. The fluidity of their movement and their indigenous costumes are instantly recognisable and unique to Turkey. We love this bag because of how cute it looks, but also because of the details that have gone in to the stitching of the dervish costume.’

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