14 celebrity scents

Smell like the stars with these 14 celebrity scents

Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham
Part posh spices and part rose petals with vanilla make this a classy scent.
Dhs59 (75ml).

Nude by Rihanna
Riri is welcome to share our sun umbrella if she smells like guava, mandarin and jasmine.
Dhs119 (100ml).

Our Moment by One Direction
Ever wondered what pink grapefruit, wild berries, redcurrant and teenage heartbreak smells like? Now you know.
Dhs95 (100ml).

Killer Queen by Katy Perry
The world’s most followed Twitter star smells like wild berries and cashmere – and we like it.
Dhs99 (100ml).

Kate Moss by Kate Moss
Smell like a supermodel even if you are a battle-hardened veteran of the Dubai brunch scene.
Dhs249 (50ml).

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift
There is something about the combination of passion fruit and peony blossom you won’t be able to shake off. Shake, shake, shake.
Dhs217 (100ml).

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
White amber, cedar and white musk notes make this critically acclaimed perfume an evening favourite.
Dhs108 (50ml).

Gold by Kim Kardashian
If selfies had a smell it would probably be something like this blend of honeysuckle and orange blossom.
Dhs79 (100ml).

Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez
A blend that comprises water lily, coconut, sandalwood, guava and many more subtle smells.
Dhs129 (75ml).

Fantasy the Nice Remix by Britney Spears
Kiwi and cupcakes is not a toxic combination in this sweet scent from the pop princess.
Dhs139 (100ml).

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
For a scent of timeless Hollywood glamour (more like jasmine and sandalwood, but you get the point).
Dhs159 (100ml).

Heat by BeyoncÉ
Women the world over want to look and sound like Beyoncé and, to be honest, it’s never going to happen. But they could smell like her.
Dhs65 (100ml).

Fame by Lady Gaga
Everything about this perfume is striking, flamboyant, dark, intriguing and unusual – rarely has a scent better matched an individual.
Dhs79 (100ml).

Onika by Nicki Minaj
We’re not sure what a fearless scent with a personal touch of Nicki Minaj is meant to smell like, but it includes beautiful pear, apparently.
Dhs349 (100ml).

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