Gadgets to help you sleep better

Time Out Dubai has a guide to some of the best gadgets to help you sleep better available when shopping in Dubai, including special alarm clocks

Sleep Bracelet By Philip Stein

This device can help you fall asleep quicker and wake up more invigorated. It uses Natural Frequency Technology that is supposed to “harvest” good vibes and reject others, thus reducing toss and turn.
Available at Renee, Wafi, Oud Metha (04 324 1200).

Smart Sleep Monitor By Beddit

A belt-like contraption that slips under your top sheet and tracks what you are up to when in the Land of Nod, transferring the info to your phone. It can even tell you how badly you’re snoring, saving money on earplugs for the family.
Available at

Sleep Manager By Neuro:On

It may look like a pair of 3D goggles, but it is the “first consumer device that can measure sleep waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heart rate and blood saturation with professional accuracy”. It sends you a sleep score every night, too.
Available at

Aura Connected Alarm Clock By Withings

This device will monitor your sleep environment to ensure you sleep soundly each night, before gently waking you with a simulated sunrise at the best time of your kip cycle. It connects to Spotify, allowing you to access your favourite lullabies or Eine kleine Nachtmusik, if Mozart’s more your thing.
Available at

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