Quick guide to Dubai Outlet Mall

Time Out Dubai takes a look around Dubai Outlet Mall, one of the most popular discount shopping malls in Dubai. Find out what it sells and more

Quick guide to Dubai Outlet Mall

You have a determined look on your face Time Out, where are we going this week?
We’re going inland for a change and we’re taking you hunting.

Hunting is not really my bag.
Bargain hunting, we mean. We’re going to Dubai Outlet Mall.

Yes! That’s more like it, that’s exactly my bag. Shopping bag, you could say…
Yes, we’ll do the jokes thanks. You are going to need to conserve energy for one of the most bargainous shopping experiences in the city.

More so than the souks?
There’s no room to haggle here; you pay what the ticket says, but there are major brands at heavily discounted prices.

Define heavily discounted.
You can often find branded goods at anywhere between 30 and 90 percent off the recommended retail price, so we’re talking serious savings. Adidas, Massimo Dutti, Gap, Kenneth Cole and DKNY are favourite brands from other malls, while designer names such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Prada are all shipped and sold here.

Just how do they do that?
We’ve noticed before that the lines on offer are not always the latest collections, but if you are prepared to hunt through the 240 stores, you’ll find many items for less than it probably costs elsewhere in Dubai.

What’s the catch?
As far as we can tell there isn’t one. Dubai Outlet Mall is the only shopping centre we can think of in the city that sets discounts as its core value and competes on price rather than ski slope or aquarium availability. It is a value option, so you might not find what you want on every visit, but including it on your mall rotation is essential for the occasional thrifty shop.

Sounds fair. You have piqued my interest but lowered expectations suitably well. Anything else I should know?
Half Price Mondays. Stores put products with a further 50 percent discount outside the shop front, giving it a market-meets-mall feel that has the best bargains.
Dubai-Al Ain Road, www.dubaioutletmall.com.

Only at Dubai Outlet Mall

As well as the wide variety of fashion retailers the mall is also home to a Covent Garden pop-up market. Meander over to the Dome Entrance on the first floor to find stalls and kiosks selling handmade jewellery, original art, ethnic clothing, souvenirs and handicrafts.

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