Best tailors in Dubai

Time Out celebrates the best tailors in Dubai, including suit tailoring, alterations and more. There's also a useful guide to women tailors

Best tailors in Dubai, Gentlemen’s nights in Dubai

Having a good tailor in Dubai is like having a really strong Air Miles programme. You know you’ve made it if you’ve flown to London, Business Class, thanks to your point-collecting dedication. Tailors are the same. While you will have to fork out a few dirhams, you’ll know you’ve made significant steps towards proper adulthood when you have a slick, dapper, well-fitted suit or bespoke ball gown that you haven’t had to remortgage your house to pay for.

However, of the endless tailors in Satwa, Bur Dubai and, more recently, JLT, how do you know which to choose? To make it easier, we’ve rounded up 18 tailors to be your seamless sewing buddies.

Before you head out, bank this handy guide to tailoring lingo.

Baste: The most basic of tailor speak, it’s the action of sewing easily removable stitches when mocking up a garment during a fitting.
Cutter: he person who measures and fits you. They are also responsible for making the pattern from the measurements. T
Darts: These are the folds sewn into a fabric to enhance the shape of a particular piece of clothing.
Darning: This is the traditional way of mending holes and rips, using only a needle and thread.
Functioning: If you want your suit to look custom without breaking the bank, get your tailor to use a different coloured thread on each jacket cuff’s functioning buttonhole.
Gorges: These are the V-shaped notches that mark the place where the collar meets the lapels. This may also be referred to as the exposed shirt area between the collar and the buttons when the jacket is done up.
Hem: The edge of a piece of fabric that is always sewn in, to prevent it from cascading.
Inseam: This is the seam that runs along the inner part of the trouser, which is measured to the ankle.
Warp: This is the effect of vertical threads of a fabric.
Weft: This is the effect of horizontal threads of a fabric.

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