Top gadgets to try

Increase your memory, get wet and practise your swing at the world’s biggest indoor golf course…

Corsair 32GB
Corsair 32GB
Digital Camera Mask
Digital Camera Mask
Centon 32 GB Data Disk
Centon 32 GB Data Disk
32GB Cruzer Contour
32GB Cruzer Contour
Seadoo Seascooter Dolphin
Seadoo Seascooter Dolphin
Prestigio, 8GB rose flower nano
Prestigio, 8GB rose flower nano
Flash for cash

Practical Pete: Quite why we would bury our 32GB switchblade action flash drive in the mud we remain unsure, but the good people at Corsair are clearly ‘glass half empty’ types and seem to be anticipating all kinds of calamity. Now, how would it fair in a volcano?
Dhs312, Corsair 32GB Survivor,

Forgetful Fred: It may have a stupid name and the always amusingly paranoid password protection, but the Cruizer Contour is 32GB of cheerful flash drive practicality. We like the retractable, sliding head – having lost so many caps, we say thank you.
Dhs439, 32GB Cruizer Contour, Jackys, Plug-ins Electronix

Charlie big potato:
Thirty two gig bytes of credit card-slim storage. Why? We still don’t know, but it looks pretty nonetheless, and instead of a flash drive, you get to tell people it’s a Data Stick Credit Card. Plus, it simply looks the business.
Dhs257, Centon 32GB Data Stick,

Glam Glenda: Turning a common flash drive into a fashion statement is a work of gadget genius, or nonsense, depending on your view. But would the woman in your life appreciate 8GBs of gold-plated portable memory?’ Maybe not.
Dhs165, Prestigio, 8GB rose flower nano,

On a budget

High-ish: Seadoo Seascooter Dolphin: A gentle giant of a seascooter. The Dolphin is safe for young kids and, at a sedate 2mph, you might not be able to keep up with the real-life dolphins, but they can’t open a can of tuna either, so you’re even.

Medium: Digital Camera Mask: Let your kids go all Jaques Cousteau with this digital camera goggle-mask combo. Admittedly, unless they get out in the open sea, you’re likely to end up with lots of iffy shots taken in the family pool, but great fun nonetheless.

Future tech

Next year sees the opening of the world’s largest indoor golf course in Holland, an 18,000m2 golfing arena complete with 18-hole course, full facilities, simulators and even a hotel. It may look like a morbidly obese scorpion, but inside, its 14,000m2 of artificial turf ensure replacing divots will become a thing of the past. However, we got to thinking: surely whatever Holland can do, the UAE’s oil bucks can do better. With summer fast approaching, and even the hardiest golfers heading straight for the 19th hole, how long before we see a Dubai version?

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