World’s most expensive pillow coming to Dubai

That’s right – Dhs210,000 for a place to rest your head

World’s most expensive pillow coming to Dubai

This is not a belated April Fool’s.

If you’ve been lacking a little bit of sleep recently, perhaps getting your hands on the world’s most expensive pillow will ease your insomnia.

Coming in at a staggering Dhs210,000, the pillow is supposed to cure anyone of a dodgy night’s sleep, thanks to lush fabrics, lots of technical wizardry and “complex mathematical algorithms”. Patients are treated by neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst where he works out exactly how each person sleeps, then sets about making an ergonomic pillow perfectly designed for the most peaceful 40 winks.

Sounds great, and very handy for the sleep deprived among us, but Dhs210,000? Well, that’s where the luxury aspect comes in.

Pillows are crafted using 3D scanning technology to determine the precise shape required, which is then printed in a designated robotic milling machine, creating the pillow out of non-toxic memory foam. Each pillow is then covered in hand-stitched Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton and 24-carat gold, before four diamonds and a huge 22.5-carat sapphire adorn the zipper.

It even comes with a custom made Louis Vuitton case, for those sleeping away for the night.

Though if Dhs210,000 for a pillow is a little on the hefty side, Thijs still creates carefully-crafted pillows and cushions for a meagre Dhs18,000…

You can see the pillow at the INDEX Design Series at the Dubai World Trade Centre between Monday 22 and Thursday 25 May. Register at

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