Win free classes at Barry’s Bootcamp

And it couldn’t be easier (winning, that is – the workout is tough)

Win free classes at Barry’s Bootcamp

When we hear the word “bootcamp,” we think excruciating exercise drills, buckets of sweat and way too many push-ups. That’s still nothing compared to the exhaustion we experienced at Barry’s Bootcamp.

It isn’t labelled “the best workout in the world” for any old reason, as this gym put us through an hour-long high-intensity session from LA-based celebrity trainer Barry Jay - burning 1,000 calories through the hour-long session, and boosting your metabolism so you continue to burn calories long after the class has finished

Split into two groups, you’ll switch between cardio and weight training throughout the 60 minutes, leaving you breathless after interval sprints on an incline and your biceps, triceps and abs burning with each rep.

It’s an experience that everyone in Dubai should try at least once. That’s why the Time Out Dubai team went along to Barry’s Bootcamp in Dubai Marina, and went up against the battalion of class instructors. All in the name of bringing you another episode of Time Out Dubai Vlogs, our weekly YouTube series.

Guess what? You can try the workout of a lifetime as well by entering this week’s competition. All you have to do to nab yourself a free session is comment on the below video and subscribe to the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel. It’s that easy.

Every week we get out and about into this awesome city and find out the best stuff there is going on. Whether it’s jumping out of planes, jumping off of mountains, swimming with sharks, failing to surf, taking on the city’s craziest food challenges, getting a kiss from a seal, falling out of supercars or anything in between, if it’s happening in your city, the Time Out Dubai crew are on it.

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