Reform Social & Grill to open barbershop with Chaps & Co

Get a fresh fade and a freshly poured pint at this permanent pub pop-up

Reform Social & Grill to open barbershop with Chaps & Co

Fellas, there’s rarely an excuse for failing to dress sharp, stay fresh, and keep that beard tight (especially during summer, it’s a bit hot outside if you hadn’t noticed).

Now, there’s even less reason to miss out on a grooming session, because one of Dubai’s premium is to take up residency at one of Dubai’s top pubs.

Reform Social & Grill at The Lakes has confirmed that specialist barbershop Chaps & Co will be setting up shop at the pub – and we’ve been told that it’s permanent. It’s due to open in October, and it sounds like a must-try.

The barbershop already exists in various locations across Dubai, including JLT and Dubai Marina, but by opening at The Lakes it now means you’ll be able to kick-back in an authentic leather and steel barber’s chair, recline a bit and enjoy an ice-cold bevvie while getting your beard trimmed, your fresh fade or your face masked.

If you’re yet to pay a visit to Chaps & Co, it’s a classic barbershop, with everything you’d expect: single-blade razors, barbers wearing braces, aforementioned super-comfy chairs, and even giant TVs and games consoles with FIFA 19 ready to go.

Don’t miss out on a unique way to keep yourself looking fresh.
Coming soon. Reform Social & Grill, The Lakes, (04 454 2638).

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