6in4 challenge: How to lose 6kg in just four weeks in Dubai

And you can do it for free…

6in4 challenge: How to lose 6kg in just four weeks in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, but don't know where to start?

More likely, have you ever wanted to lose weight quickly, and change how you look within weeks?

A brand-new fitness challenge has rolled into town, and Tim from team Time Out Dubai was among the first people in the city to try the 6in4 Challenge, which has the unusual hook of being completely free (if you lose 6kg in just four weeks).

We wanted to put the Best Body Co programme through its paces, so in the name of journalism, Tim sacrificed his social life for four weeks and embarked on the toughest challenge faced by Time Out Dubai Vlogs yet.

And, below, is how it happened – from changing his diet, to working out at least five times per week and everything else that helped Tim quit his frankly rampant addiction to cheese in a bid to change his life for the better.

The best part of it all is that you, dear reader, can take the challenge for yourself, for free.

To win a place on the January 2019 cycle of the 6in4 Challenge, you’ve just got to comment on the below video and subscribe to the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel.

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