Ladies-only weight-loss programme launched in Dubai

6in4 Challenge launches exclusive sessions of fitness and weight-loss regime

Ladies-only weight-loss programme launched in Dubai

It’s the city’s latest weight-loss and fitness programme that gives you the opportunity to lose 6kg in four weeks – with the interesting hook that you can do it all for free if you succeed.

The 6in4 Challenge is returning in January 2019 with its third cycle, which involves a whole foods diet coupled with five days of intensive strength and cardio training every week.

And, now, the challenge is back, and has announced a dedicated ladies-only plan for the first time.

Due to demand for exclusive sessions, the 6in4 Challenge will run five sessions a week, from Sunday to Thursday between 9.30am and 10.15am, giving ladies the chance to train behind closed doors.

The challenge costs Dhs999 up front, for which you gain direct access to personal trainers from Best Body Co, as well as 20 training sessions which push you to your limits to gain rapid, but sustainable, fitness gains and visible weight loss results.

Typically, members of the programme are also invited to participate in a range of additional free classes and events from partners of the programme (from spinning to boxing), so there’s plenty involved beyond

If you drop 6kg after your initial weigh-in (which will be taking place on Saturday January 5 2019), you’ll get your money back if it’s the first time you’re taking the challenge.

We took on the challenge during its first cycle – and you can see the results for yourself below.

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