Desert Warrior Challenge is back at Al Qudra Lakes with new obstacles

Take on a gruelling 10k or 5k obstacle course through the Dubai desert

Desert Warrior Challenge is back at Al Qudra Lakes with new obstacles

We love working up a sweat on the sand – though usually it’s from a couple of hours spent horizontal basking in glorious heat.

Now there’s a chance to get your heart racing, and not for fear of running out of tanning oil. Desert Warrior Challenge is back, and it’s not for the fainthearted.

The challenge will kick off on Friday January 11, with three different obstacle courses designed to push you to your limits.

Ultimate Warriors will take on a 20 plus obstacles over 10km, while Fearless Warriors will overcome 12 plus obstacles across a 5km course. Kids aged six and over can take on a 1km to 2km Warrior course, with eight obstacles to conquer.

But it’s not a case of jogging around tracks and daintily trotting over hurdles. The obstacles are both mentally and physically challenging – intended to push you well and truly out of your comfort zone.

Established obstacles include crowd favourite The Beast, and the humongous slide is a monster in nature as well as name, and the tricky 1/4 Pipe – the adrenaline-pumping final challenge.

There’ll also be some exciting (terrifying) new obstacles to contend with, and the course will be set around the stunning natural landscape of Al Qudra lakes, to give your eyes a bit of a treat while the rest of your body is being well and truly punished.

Expect to climb, crawl, hang and swing – and that’s just your post-race struggle back to the car.

The event, in association with LivFit by Oman insurance, is supported by the Dubai Sports Council, who said, “Dubai is a city of challenges and the Desert Warrior Challenge is one of our oldest and most popular challenges.

“From its start in 2014, the Desert Warrior Challenge has always created a great buzz in the community and now, as we move towards our goal of making Dubai one of the most physically active places in the world, we expect another spectacular show from Dubai’s fitness warriors.”

We’ll raise a protein shake to that.
From $112 (approx. Dhs 411). Fri Jan 11, 7am-4pm. Al Marmoon, Al Qudra,

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