Where to play beach sports in Dubai 2019

Fancy making your day on the sands a bit more interesting? Head to these places…

Where to play beach sports in Dubai 2019

Al fresco gym at Kite Beach
While Kite Beach is home to many awesome things to do every day (more on that later, a lot more…) you’ll also find a totally outdoor beach gym that has everything you need to do all those crunches, lateral pull-downs, pull-ups and other technical gym terms that most of us don’t understand. Alternatively, you could just sit down all day and inhale hummus from Operation Falafel, or sliders from SALT. In hindsight, we’d probably opt for the food – but then we would…
Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim.

Beach volleyball at Mercato Beach
A classic beach sport if ever there was one. Head to this beach along the Jumeirah coastline, and you’ll find a perfect spot for playing a bit of beach volleyball. Just don’t accidentally get too competitive, nobody likes a sore loser. Make sure you bring everything you need, since there aren’t any facilities, but there is the nearby Mercato Mall for essentials and the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour for sometop cafés and restaurants (including 3 Fils, our award-winning Best Asian Restaurant of 2019).
13a Street, Jumeirah 2.

Bat and ball at Jumeirah Open Beach
Nothing screams “I’m on holiday and I’m loving it!” like playing a bit of bat and ball by the rolling tides… presuming there’s someone else there to play with you. Head to Jumeirah Open Beach around the corner from Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa on Jumeirah Beach Road, and you’ll find tiki hut-themed lifeguard stations, palm trees and plenty of flat planes upon which you can get a bit of bit-bat action in. Perfect holiday vibes, eh?
Near Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road.

Competitive cook-off at Al Mamzar Beach
Okay, we’re being a bit generous with use of the term “sport” here, but Al Mamzar Beach is home to so many different activities and facilities that you can do practically anything here. Take your pick – you can jet ski, swim in the sea or swimming pools, go rollerskating or even head to the barbecue pits. Bring your own grub and supplies and you can use one of 25 different pits, so head along with your over-competitive neighbour and prove who’s the best cook on the street.
Dhs5. Al Mamzar.

Cycling at Jumeirah Open Beach
Alternatively, if you’re after something a bit more two-wheels based, you can also go to Jumeirah Open Beach to make the use of the lengthy track. Cycling is encouraged on the designated track, and you can head along anytime while the sun is up. Alternatively, if you’d much rather just kick back and relax, you can unfurl a towel, build yourself a sand pillow (or hop on to one of the free beanbags) and grab a book from the beach library for free.
Still near Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road.

Foot volley at JBR The Beach
It’s not beach soccer, and it’s not beach volleyball – it’s foot volley (although we’d prefer to call it socceyball). You can head along to The Beach at JBR, once you’re done with your fitness circuit training at the al fresco gym, you can play a (surprisingly challenging) game of competitive keepy-uppies on a low-slung net. Alternativly, you can just kick back on the sands if that’s all a bit too energetic for your liking.
The Beach, JBR.

Jogging track at Kite Beach

There’s zero chance that you’ve visited one of the city’s most popular public beaches and not ended up walking along the huge, springy running track that runs through Kite Beach. In fact, it’s part of a 7km track that runs down the Jumeirah coastline, so you can really get a good jog in. If you’re coming towards the end of your run, there are plenty of facilities to change and shower, and even more places to refuel afterwards with a bite to eat.
Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim.

Sand running at 4x4 Beach
This is quite possibly one of the toughest workouts out there, it’s surprisingly difficult. Sand running will give your calves a proper workout, as you try to grip onto shifting sand that falls away beneath you. Give it a shot over at this secluded spot next to Jumeirah Beach Park in Jumeirah 2. Bring your own refreshments though because there’s nothing around for (metaphorically) miles. You’ll also catch the Burj Al Arab down the coast, so there’s a landmark to aim towards, too.
Next to Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah 2.

Warehouse Gym at JBR The Beach

You’re walking down towards The Beach. You’re having a great day. You’re about to grab some breakfast before you spot the outdoor gym sat proudly. You decide to head over and give it a shot, because it’s got loads of pro gym equipment thanks to the folk over at Warehouse Gym. Plenty of weights options and various machines to give you one beast of a workout, all in the great outdoors. Prices vary depending on what you’re after, but a basic workout usually comes in very affordably  at around Dhs60.
Sun-Thu 6am-10pm. Fri-Sat 8am-8pm. The Beach, JBR (04 323 2323).

XDubai Skatepark at Kite Beach
Okay, it’s not really on the beach, but it is right next to one of the city’s most popular beaches, and skateboarding counts as a sport, right? At XSkatepark by XDubai at Kite Beach, you can strap on some kneepads and a helmet and get upon your board of four wheels and pretend to be an American teenager for the day, or Avril Lavigne. Lessons are available, or you can just go and skate about over many, many ramps.
Open Sun-Thu 3pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 8am-11pm. Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim (056 831 2349).

XSlingshot by XDubai at Kite Beach
And just metres away from the skatepark is, and we jest not, a human slingshot. Just for clarity: that’s a slingshot, made for humans. Also run by the adrenaline-fueled team at XDubai, this catapult for the care-free among us offers up the chance to travel 100 metres, reaching a top speed of 120kph in half a second. You’re harnessed up, stretched back 45 metres, and then the rest is history. Not overtly sporty, but too original an activity not to have on this list.
Open Thu-Sat, 9am-noon, 1pm-7pm. Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim.

Yoga on the Jumeirah Al Qasr beach
What better, more relaxing ways are there of winding down your day than practising yoga to the sound of the waves? Head to Talise Spa at Jumeirah Al Qasr where you can enjoy a daily yoga session on the beach, with front row views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The spa also hosts monthly full moon yoga sessions, which are worth trying out, too.
Dhs92. Daily 5.30pm. Jumeirah Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim (04 366 6818).

Kitesurfing at, of course, Kite Beach

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never kite surfed before, but you won’t have any excuses after visiting this suitably named beach in Umm Suqeim, which is home to tonnes of kite surfers showing off their skills every day. You can get involved and start taking lessons by heading to one of the schools located on the beach. One such school is the appropriately named Kitesurf School Dubai, which has lessons available from Dhs250, if you’re brave enough to take the plunge (hopefully not literally). It also has all the kit you could possibly need, if you want to gear up and take it seriously.
From Dhs250. Timings vary. Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim.

Stand-up paddleboardingat La Mer

Over at what can only be described as being one of the city’s most happening spots, La Mer is home to loads of watersports, including but not limited to, stand-up paddleboarding. Head out onto the water, get up onto your board and spend an hour working your core and doing your best to not stack it in the face of the incoming tide. It’s meant to be relaxing, but that largely depends on the waters. Either way, it’s a fun activity, and it’s in an idyllic location, too.
From Dhs65. 8am-6pm. La Mer, Jumeirah 1 (058 884 9241).

Flyboarding at The Beach
Flying out of the water and getting some serious height all while gawking at a view of Ain Dubai, JBR and Dubai Marina. You’re not going to get in many other places around – that’s what you’re (not literally) promised when you head to JBR’s The Beach to have a go at flyboarding, which in layman’s terms is best described as wearing water jet pack boots. If you don’t end up getting a face full of the Arabian Gulf, you’ve done this wrong.
From Dhs250. Timings vary. The Beach, JBR (054 598 5353).

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