10 unusual spa treatments

Caviar facial? Candy pedicure? Try it in Dubai

10 unusual spa treatments
Candy Land Pedicure

Add some sprinkles with a Candy Land Pedicure
There’s all manner of weird and wonderful beauty treatments at Kozma and Kozma, from snowman manicure to unicorn braids, but the one we’re really hankering after is the candy land pedicure. You’ll get to dip your toes into a bowl of giant “candy gumballs”, which can be squished and popped to your heart’s content (which should be pretty easy with our hooves). Next up is a “banana split” – i.e. a dash of banana and marshmallow bath salts, and a scoop of “ice cream”. From there your tootsies will be coated in chocolate-scented foot scrub and massage lotion before the therapists get to work kneading those stresses away. Once your feet have been adequately pummelled, they’ll be lathered in a hydrating chocolate covered cherry foot mask and doused in rainbow sprinkles, leaving you dangerously tempted to chug down your dirty foot water (although we’d suggest you didn’t). 
Dhs175 (excluding VAT). Open Sun, Tues, Wed, Thu & Sat 10am-9m; Fri 11am-8pm; Mon, closed. Al Wasl Road, opposite J3 Mall, Al Safa (056 554 4534).

Cool down with cryotherapy

Kill two birds with one stone and cool off while you roll back the years with a CRYO facial. Your face will be blasted with sub-zero bursts of air that are intended to stimulate physical and mental health benefits (while drying up your winter brow sweat). The treatment increases collagen production, which in turn tightens the skin and brings forth a youthful glow, and also boosts an antiflammatory chemical called norepinephrine that stops your face looking puffy. Bye bye, panda eyes.
From Dhs350. Locations include Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Emirates Towers, www.cryo.com.

Dazzle with a Diamond Radiance Facial
In the city of opulence it’s only natural that you can get your face scrubbed with diamonds. The diamond radiance facial at Heart & Soul Spa promises to restore youthful radiance with this diamond-infused treatment that channels the anti-ageing powers of the gemstone. It’s said to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while minimising the signs of stress and fatigue. We imagine Shirley Bassey is a fan.
Dhs650 (60 mins). Open daily 10am-10pm. Heart & Soul Spa, Al Barari, Dubailand (04 320 7350).

Get a virtual reality massage

They say animals have a special way of helping us de-stress. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get a foot massage while swimming with dolphins now you can. If you head to Dubai International Airport, that is. The bizarre virtual reality service at Be Relax spas beams customers into another dimension while staff rub, twist and bend limbs in unison. The treatment is exclusive to DXB and can be added onto any Be Feet massage. Simply don the high-tech VR headgear and transport yourself while your stress melts away.
From Dhs150. Be Relax, Terminal 1 Concourse D, Terminal 3, Concourse A, B & C, www.berelax.com (04 250 0790).

Get shiny with chrome nails

If you want to feel bright, shiny and new, you might as well start with your mitts. Chrome nails seem to be all the rage across Dubai  at the moment and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a metallic flutter across your keyboard as you type. The super-metallic foiled-finish is achieved by applying a special powder over regular nail polish and leaves you looking like a cross between Dorothy and the tin man (in the most glamorous and shimmery way possible). The treatment is available at WeNails, where you can also treat yourself to a revolutionary new Gel-x manicure. The Gel-x is a brand-new soft nail extension that fits over your own nail, protecting them from any damage and easily soaked off like regular gel nails, because everyone deserves new claws every now and again.
Dhs170 (chrome nails), Dhs290 (full set gel-x). Open daily 10am-9pm. WeNails, SkyView Tower, Dubai Marina (04 452 8226).

Pump up your tresses with hair botox

Inject some life back into your hair – without the actual injection bit. This treatment at Blo Out Beauty plumps and rejuvenates from the inside with the serum designed to penetrate inner parts of the hair, rather than just coating the outside, ensuring you have a bouffant and glossy mane. It lasts for up to ten weeks and uses organic microspheres to increase absorption of vitamins and proteins, before a deep conditioner is slapped on to work its magic. Anything that stops us looking like Hagrid is fine by us.
Dhs2,000. Locations include Barsha Heights and Jumeirah Beach Road, www.blooutbeauty.com.

Perfect you complexion with gold

Fancy smothering your face in gold and wearing caviar rather than eating it? The Sela Mineral gold and caviar facial at The Spa at Address Dubai Mall will slather your face in mineral gold to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin and leave you looking like a modern day Shirley Eaton (circa Goldfinger). They’ll also slap on a bit of firming caviar, anti-ageing pearl and intensive collagen for good measure. The results are said to be remarkable, and for gold and caviar we wouldn’t expect anything less.
Dhs680. Open daily 10am-10pm. The Spa at Address Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (04 438 8025).

Revitalize yourself with a Detoxifying Body Wrap

Ever wish you could undo that double cheeseburger/dirty hotdog/weekend of pure indulgence? Well now you can (sort of). The Swiss salt crystal detox body wrap at the Pearl Spa promises to detoxify your body using salt crystals fresh from the glaciers of the Swiss Alps. The crystals are said to be rich in therapeutical minerals that renew and regenerate the surface cells of the skin. The slimming ritual is complete with an application of specialised contouring cream to your body, leaving your skin feeling toned and firmed.
Dhs890 (75 mins). Open daily 9am-10pm. Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach,  Jumeirah (04 270 7777).

Sting your chops off with a bee venom facial

Beauty comes at a price, and you’ll be stung by 1,000 bees to achieve it during this treatment. We jest – though the bee venom facial does sound slightly scary. However, the bee sting mask is a combination of bee venom and Manuka honey, which is soothing, if anything. Your face will be cleansed and exfoliated before the venom mask is applied, with the purpose of tightening and smoothing skin while fighting ageing.
Dhs525. Locations include Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall, www.thenailspa.com.

Take a deep breath for oxygen aromatherapy
Sit back and watch your jet lag vanish into thin air, literally, at Dubai International Airport. Be Relax’s oxygen aromatherapy remedy helps flush out the fuzz of long-haul flying. For an extra Dhs40 with any treatment, you can upgrade your travelling experience and boost your oxygen intake by 50 percent compared to normal breathing. Increased oxygen inhalation has benefits such as lowering stress and reducing the effects of jet lag, while also improving energy, alertness and alleviating headaches. Essentially, you’ll walk into Be Relax, and float out.
Dhs40 (plus additional treatment cost). Be Relax, Terminal 1 Concourse D, Terminal 3, Concourse A, B & C, www.berelax.com (04 250 0790).

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