Where to run, walk, jog, cycle and exercise outdoors in Dubai

The two-storey gym will feature a range of classes, an outdoor swimming pool and a special summer package

The UAE capital and Las Vegas will host all events

It's based on a draft schedule for the remainder of the season

UnderdogBoxn’s shadow boxing session will get you breaking a sweat

The fitness challenge will be taking place in Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai Sports Council launches the Ramadan Mubarak Challenge

RAnywhere starts at Dhs200 a month with exclusive workout live streams and more

Dubai-based tech startup has launched a series of free challenges with rewards

Plus loads more ways to keep fit and rent gear from gyms across the country

If you're fasting here's how to stay healthy

A personal trainer explains how to work up a sweat when going to the gym is off the cards

Light-hearted podcasts, living legends discussing their best moments and more

Online healthy food delivery service ingfit UAE launches new Keto product range

Sponsored: Products and advice including keto, vegan, paleo and diabetic-friendly food

The new classes are provided by management company Provis


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