Dubai Threadneedle Gold Cup

Argentinian polo player talks rich people and riding camels

Interview, Hot seat

How long will you be staying in Dubai?
I arrived on February 6, and I’m going back home after the Gold Cup on March 11. I usually come to Dubai three times a year – I came in October, then for the Beach Polo in November, and now for the Gold Cup.

How does Dubai’s Gold Cup compare to other tournaments on the circuit?
The Gold Cup is a fantastic tournament – one of the best in the world.

You’re a professional polo player – how long has it taken you to perfect your skills?
I’ve been riding horses all my life. My father was a polo player and I started playing when I was a kid. I started riding when I was three or four and took up polo when I was 10. I’ve played ever since.

Do you need to be rich to start playing polo?
The reason you have so many Argentinian professional polo players is because polo is not [as] expensive to play in Argentina – many people have a farm and there’s a lot of land, and many families have horses. So it’s easy to play polo in Argentina, because it’s cheaper.

Have you ever played camel polo?
Camel polo? Yeah, I tried, but it was more for fun. It’s very different because there was someone riding the camel and I was on the back with a stick. It was very funny.

If you weren’t a polo player, what would you be?
I’d be a vet.

Do you ever get bored flying around the world, playing polo and spending time with rich, beautiful people?
I’ve been playing since I was 19 and I’ve played in England, France, Spain, Pakistan, Uruguay, Dubai, the USA. I’ve been travelling all my life. When you’ve being doing this for so many years, you look forward to going home – to my farm and my family.

What impresses girls the most – your accent or the fact you play polo?
[Laughs] I’m a married man! But horses are like racing cars – there are always ladies around. But I think often it’s more of a fashion thing than them actually wanting to watch the polo.

The Dubai Threadneedle Gold Cup final is on March 11 at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. For more info, see

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