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Our columnist on Carlos Tevez and greedy footballers


I often think I’m living in a world that I don’t really understand. Normal, civilised ideals that were instilled into me as a kid somehow don’t seem to matter any more. Such is the situation with Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez. Here’s a man who’s been a money mercenary all his footballing life, who refuses to play for the club that pays him £250,000 (Dhs1.5 million, no less) a week. The manager, the very likeable Roberto Mancini, says Tevez will never play for City again.

The same Tevez who was hammered by fans for his attitude scored a hat trick for City against Norwich last week, and may yet go on to win his club the title. I don’t know the man, but I have to say I really like him as a footballer. In fact, I think he’s brilliant.

The sad thing is, I don’t feel any malice towards him, any bitterness, or any lingering doubts. Normal practice might dictate we feel a little upset by such selfish actions when so many people, earning nothing or precious little, would give anything to be in Tevez’s shoes.

I genuinely can’t believe the moral outrage, because we all know there are no morals in football. Realistically, Tevez should have been sacked on the spot, but because City have been struggling they’ve been forced to bring him back and play him, because they need him. Shock, horror!

Is it really right to give up hoping for fair play? To stop hoping someone, somewhere might see the moral bankruptcy of the whole situation? But in the end no one cares as long as he’s scoring
goals. It’s all vaguely depressing, don’t you think?
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And another thing…

Talk about perpetuating stereotypes. Did you see the pictures of the Liverpudlian women at the UK’s Grand National meeting at Aintree last weekend? Now, I’ve been to this ladies’ day a number of times and there are always more supermodels there than at London Fashion Week. Yet the only pictures used in the papers this year were of – how do I put it? – oversized, tattoed, ugly people.

You know the type of thing: size 18s squeezed into size zero dresses, pictures of people falling over, pictures of fake tan running down legs… Come on: it’s not fair. Here in Dubai, so many people have criticised my fellow Liverpudlians as a result. I blame the reality shows: Desperate Scousewives, The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore. They’re divisive, yet mega popular. I suppose, like the people in the pictures, you’ve just got to laugh!

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