AeroFit in Dubai

Get fit, lose fat, fight diabetes and all in the same 20-minute workout

An hour-long workout in 20 minutes, an aid to tackling diabetes… can AeroFit really offer fitness for all?

The arrival of science technology in modern sport proved to be the difference between the .005s of a second that can see one athlete take gold and another relegated to silver – and this is no secret. What has been kept on the down low so far, however, is the fact that the technology that propels Usain Bolt to a 200m world record of 19.19 seconds is now available in Dubai, at high-tech gym Aerofit.

‘I noticed that a lot of trainers and fitness centres prescribe the same programmes to all their clients,’ says Sreeya Wiesner, founder of the new gym, which sits in Business Bay’s Prism Tower. ‘It’s been my mission to revolutionise fitness through sports science, and our objective is to prescribe the right course for each individual to help them burn fat.’ To find out exactly what it is that each different client requires, Sreeya and her team turn to exactly the type of technology some of the world’s top sports stars are said to rely on.

So, we know what you’re thinking, that this involves taking a pint of your blood/urine/ear wax away for examination then setting you to work on a treadmill at maximum incline for three days while prodding at your wobbly bits with a spatula. Well, actually, it’s all done rather simply: by breath analysis.

‘AeroScan carries out a fitness assessment based on your breathing, and then tells you the exact programme you should follow for your metabolism and the heart rate you should run and cycle at in order to help you burn fat in the most efficient way possible,’ says the Indian-born former Wall Street exec.

But although using the AeroScan or Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS)equipment Miha BodyTec won’t turn you into the next Usain Bolt, what the technology has done in Dubai is seen one of AeroFit’s male clients drop 24kgs in five months. Also – topically for the UAE – it has become a fitness method that can benefit sufferers of Type 2 diabetes, the obese (thanks to the lack of pressure on joints), older clients who have reduced mobility, as well as the marathon runners, cyclists and professional athletes who use the tech to help shave hundredths of seconds off their personal bests.

Sreeya is keen to set the record straight on the technology’s effectiveness, aware that not all of Dubai’s fitness institutions are yet convinced. ‘A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology proves that EMS substantially enhances glucose uptake and reduces the risk of glucose intolerance – a major cause of Type 2 Diabetes,’ she explains. She describes the Miha Bodytec as having ‘taken the guesswork out of training’ and cutting the time it takes to burn body fat by a third.

By creating resistance through electrical impulses, and stimulating 98 percent of muscle fibre as opposed to the 50 percent stimulated by conventional exercise, technology used in her gym combats the biggest enemy of the average gym goer – when slow results tend to lead to a ‘why am I even bothering?’ state of mind.

Though once the preserve of top athletes, the technology is now accessible to everyone, whatever their goals. ‘This is something anyone can do,’ says Sreeya.

‘All body types.’
Trial sessions from Dhs250, Sat-Thurs 8am-8pm, Prism Tower, Business Bay, (04 360 2853).

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