Meet the man everyone loves to hate

We chat to WWE superstar The Miz as he rocks into the capital

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He’s been called ‘the man everyone loves to hate’, but we don’t buy it. His boyish good looks and cheeky charms seemed to win plenty over (us included) when he was in Abu Dhabi, working hard to promote the WWE anti-bullying campaign at UAE schools in September. The Be A Star campaign focuses on motivating students themselves to make a difference in the fight against bullying.

He was cheeky to his publicist and press at a recent in event in Abu Dhabi, and says he loves his job so much that he would do it for free… so what’s to hate about this former WWE Champion?

Who do you believe is the biggest, hardest working member on the WWE roster?
[Without hesitation] The Miz.

We somehow guessed you would say that! Why?
It’s the truth though! I am not only a WWE superstar but I do movies, I have a radio show, I am here doing a promotion in Abu Dhabi, I am a commentator for WWE Main Event. Anything WWE asks me to do, I am always the guy that says ‘yes yes yes’. In general I am the sort of person that has a hard time saying no to anything that supports WWE and supports my career. Plus, I really enjoy talking to the fans, seeing different countries and observing everything so I like to get out and about a lot. But yes, I am the hardest working person in WWE.

So why did they choose you to come to Abu Dhabi for the promo?
Honestly, I think I am very good at promoting WWE, because I love what we do so much. Wrestling is something I grew up with as a kid so when you have that many memories, and then you get to be
a part of it (which is a dream) and travel all over the world it’s so cool, and so much fun.

How do you get yourself psyched up for matches?
Music mostly. Bullet for my Valentine, Pantera, Bowlbeat, very heavy stuff usually gets me psyched up before a match. Whenever I am getting ready on the night I’ll always have some tunes on.

Your job takes a certain amount of confidence – do you ever doubt yourself?
All the time, I think about it every time before I am about to go out to the stage – I am nervous, I have butterflies in my stomach and knots in my throat. But once my music hits and I get out onto that stage in that arena, everything vanishes. Nerves turn into adrenaline, all those thoughts go away and I just enjoy it and have fun.

Was MizTV your idea or production?
It was mine, I wanted to do it. At the time nobody was really doing talk shows on WWE, and I always loved the old sets – the Barbershop, I loved the Piper’s Pit and back in the day those were key segments that really made impacts and created memories for me. I can still remember when Piper smashed a coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head. It’s just a moment that will always be embedded in my brain and I wanted to create moments like that on MizTV where I am not only talking about my story lines but I can also get involved in everyone else’s.

What would you do if you weren’t a wrestler?
I get asked this question a lot, but I really can’t tell you because I was in college and then went straight onto The Real World and did the whole reality TV thing. So I would probably be doing something on The Real World or hosting some sort of television show.

Do you have a favourite place in the UAE?
To be honest, I have been to Abu Dhabi three times and have only driven through Dubai, but I love both just because of how well everyone treats me. Of everywhere I have visited I would say that my favourite place is Zayed Sports City.

Do you have any tourist plans?
I try to get a round of golf in when I can and if it’s not too hot. I’ve also got my eye on visiting the Yas Marina Circuit while I’m in Abu Dhabi, and maybe some Jet Skiing too if I have time.

If you were a superhero, who would you be?
The Miz.

Well, obviously you are a superhero…What about a comic book superhero?
Ok, I really enjoyed the Iron Man character, but mostly because I also always want to be dead cool like him. He talks a lot of smack while he’s fighting – and he’s a lunatic, an absolute lunatic.

So, is there anything else you want to tell us?
Just come to the show – it will be larger than life. If you have never been to a WWE show, it’s like a rock concert, a comedy show and a sports event all rolled into one. It’s has soap opera-like story lines with larger-than-life characters, where you’re encouraged to boo who you hate and cheer who you love. The most important thing to us is that you enjoy yourself.
WWE returns to the Zayed Sport City Tennis Stadium October 10-12.

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